My big tip for Marketing to the New-Age Workcation Guests

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 397. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about my big tip for marketing to the new-age workcation guests.

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There's something that you can be doing right now to your properties to get you in front of a whole new demographic of guests. And I see and I hear from the clubhouse rooms, etc. So many people doing this. And I believe that if you fail to you could be left behind here.

About digital nomads

We have a course talking about work from home, and we're talking about amenities. So hands up in the comments below, who offers a desk in your properties or your accommodation? If you don't offer a desk? Do you offer a room that like a mini office? Now? If not, this is one of the most fastest chrome enemies that is out there at the moment. One of the things that people are talking about a lot in their listings is that the ability to have a work from home solution digital nomad 2.0, we've talked about it quite a few times on the podcast is definitely not going anywhere. In fact, it's starting to boom.

How do we know this? Well look at the Airbnb and how the algorithm is changing. Right now, you can go into your property as we exclusively broke on the Boostly podcast a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned how you can go into your property, you can open up the Airbnb app in your property. And on the hosting section, you can do a live Wi Fi Speed Check. And you can upload it for proof to Airbnb. Now why are they doing that, soon in the search bar of Airbnb, there'll be an option, and there'll be a filter to break down how fast you want the Wi Fi speed to be. And he's going to break down into four different categories of slow, medium, fast, super fast.

So again, this is definitely something that's been asked for. This is definitely something that's been requested, because this is how they're going to put it into practice. So the sooner you can do that, the better.

What you can do

So how can you go one step further? Can you put on a desk? Can you put in a charging point? Can you make sure that the router is as close to that desk as possible? How many routers can you put in? Have you got a dedicated router? Can you guarantee the speeds that you're saying? What can you be doing to make the work from home guests life even easier? For those that do a lot of podcasts of zoom calls? Can you get a ring light? And can you get a microphone? Things like this, the little things? And then, you know, we've obviously spoken about how you can take advantage of that in another episode. But how can you then highlight it, which is the most important thing, there's no point putting it in, and then not talking about it, put it in and then talk about it.

So again, this is where I pass over the conversation to you. What have you been doing? Can you share any examples, maybe a website listing sites, social media posts, put them in the comments below. We'll brainstorm together, and we'll come up with something.

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