Mr Cash Flow Diary Gives a Host in Mexico Tips on How to Get More Direct Bookings

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 145. This is a recap of my Facebook live where Mr Cash Flow Diary Gives a Host in Mexico Tips on How to Get More Direct Bookings.

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I would encourage you to rethink your logo a bit, as well as the font you chose that that's the like literally the first thing I'm looking at now, right behind that I did not pull it up on a mobile device, because nine times out of 10. That's what I'm going to be using anyway. So which means that now what's going to happen is that once I know how it looks on mobile, yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right. So UI UX, user interface and user experience. There's got to be someone who does that type of work. And then yes, what you just saw there, what Mark just showed us is that those reviews, why are they so far at the bottom? We got to get I would want that sooner. Like, yeah, that exactly.

But yes, I would want that closer to the top. Because that I mean, the first thing you've got to build is that trust factor, if you will. So that. Yeah, that's what matters is I don't know you yet. And I would like to know you. But you've got to build that trust, like who else stays there? And you made him? I think it was one to two scrolls below the fold. Before we even got to that. And I'm like, okay, so that that's potentially a challenge. Now, I love the idea of what you're talking about with the coffee and whatnot. But I don't know that I would have all of this on this very long. one page. Do you get my meaning? Because I don't know what your load time is. But I would I would really want to look at that. And are you using an a&p? Do you know what I mean, when I say that?

There's two different platforms, two different ways of getting the format of the website to be speedy and formatted one for mobile one for desktop. And I would definitely look into that as well. I'd want to be really, really clear about what I want people to do, and I get the fact that you want them to book. But that's, that's, that's a problem. Because you're, I don't what is your bounce rate? Do you know? It's got to be high. Your bounce rate is 40 to 50.

Is this the page they're entering on? Are you sure? That's better than what I thought it was gonna be. I will say that for sure. So that's good. And when now once I do click the book, alright, so then I've got again, brand consistency challenges. Again, I've already mentioned the logo I've already mentioned the the font, but even on my phone We're go back to the top. Is that there? Yeah, you've got Stingray Villa on the left, and you got Stingray Villa over the top. And that's very valuable real estate. And I don't know that that's the best place for what it is, do you have a hot jar or something that is doing heat mapping for you? I would encourage you strongly to find a heat mapping tool and get that sucker plugged in immediately. Because I think it's going to give you some information around what your customers are doing, where they're clicking, more importantly, where they're not clicking, and where you've got some wasted space, whether on mobile and or desktop. Does that make sense?

When the booking happens

The other thing that I was thinking about and when looking at it is the fact that you are booked, that's good. And also bad. Because it could mean that there's a there's likely a significant amount of money left on the table because of what you what you were talking about, again, pent up demand, etc, etc. So while Yes, it sounds It may sound or feel good to be at 100%. I hate it. Because it always makes me think I left money on the table or there was something I missed. Right? So I don't know if you're doing any pricing studies or tests, but that's something I would I didn't see it there, I only could find one room. But the reason I'm saying these things is not because, okay, you're booked in, that's bad. I'm saying that there's probably even more revenue available for you that that you could get, or you could build additional units or go get a bigger property or something, if we just had the data to support it. And I want to be always collecting all of the data you need in order to replicate success. Because if you're going to then build a new website for the next location, you need to know what's working, why and or why not. And all of those tools are designed so that you can reverse engineer a system that you can then just literally launch and do these things this way. And always have your control that you are split testing against which gets me to do you have a split test version of the site?

I think all of those things will just help you earn more money. Because ARE YOU emailing your people after at all? Okay. Whoo. I got one. All right. Excellent. And then are you asking them? Do you have a referral program of some kind? Yes. Yes. Awesome. Good stuff. All right. Perfect. And then does your customer get paid? If the referral books?

That That sounds like a lot. Would you rather give him like 10 or $15? So that just to hear what I'm saying. immediate gratification of the 10 to $15 is probably way better than a couple of free nights. Because that you're actually getting to my next question, the customer acquisition cost. You know what it is?

Are you running any ads? Well, unless you're not running any ads. So that means you're not necessarily spending any any money in that regard. So no big deal. Does the space have a YouTube channel? Yes, it does. And when is the last time you posted a video? Six months ago.

I would encourage you to post Do you have a drone? Like even the mini one? The Super mini one? I have no drones. Drone less. Okay. Got it? I think so. review this later and everywhere. You said no. Those are items that can increase your revenue.

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