PriceLabs is a cloud-based, easy-to-use dynamic pricing and revenue management tool for the vacation and short term rental industry.

PriceLabs Products

Dynamic Pricing
PriceLabs' Dynamic Pricing tool is an invaluable resource for owners, property managers and revenue managers. It can help them easily increase revenues, boost occupancy and save time โ€“ all without the hassle of manual pricing.

PriceLabs leverages a data-driven approach, automation rules, and customizations to optimize pricing and stay restrictions. This can help vacation rental hosts minimize time spent on manual processes and reduce errors.

If you don't have a Property Management System (PMS) or Channel Manager, you can still connect PriceLabs directly to your Airbnb and Vrbo accounts. Furthermore, PriceLabs integrates with over 90 PMSs and Channel Managers, allowing for automated updating of prices on numerous booking channels โ€” including Airbnb, VRBO,, and Expedia.

Portfolio Analytics
PriceLabsโ€™ Portfolio Analytics is a free tool that provides insights into the performance of businesses through real-time reporting. Business owners can use it to analyze bookings and occupancy, giving them valuable insight into how their business is performing.

The tool enables users to create a customizable analytics dashboard, providing downloadable reports on listing performance, bookings, revenue, average price of bookings and more.

Market Dashboards
PriceLabsโ€™ Market Dashboards can help users make more informed pricing and investment decisions through analysis of market and neighbourhood data. They can also check how their performance stacks up to similar competitor listings for further insights.

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