Maria Has Re-gained Control Of Her Bookings With Boostly

Maria Cheung of City Break Amsterdam


Facebook: @citybreakamsterdam

Booking engine used: Free To Book

Maria joined Boostly in June 2018, and before this training, she was not very familiar with digital marketing.

Not only did I build her website for her, but she has also used Boostly to learn how to bid on her own brand name, how to use MailChimp, and how to optimise her use of her website.

The biggest takeaway from the Boostly training site is that she's learned about Google Analytics and Google AdWords. This means that she can now monitor the traffic on her audience, and can offer discounts on her website, instead of paying commission plus VAT to the online travel agents.

Watch this short video where Maria talks about how she has learned to monitor the traffic on her audience.

Maria says that the good thing about the training site is that you can learn at your own pace. She feels that the Boostly community is very valuable because it allows hospitality owners to share ideas and problems.

It's been a pleasure to work with Maria. Whenever someone comes to you from a new country and city, it's always a nervous moment. “Will what I show help them?” is normally the first question that comes to mind.

What I love about Maria is her determination and ability to get stuff done.  Recently, I was able to work with Maria to create a brand new website, and the results have been amazing. To find out more, visit our web page.

With Maria's website, we wanted to create something that anyone can access at any time, whether that was on the go or at home on their computer.

Maria gets a lot of bookings from travellers passing through Amsterdam, so having a website that worked on a mobile phone was key. I created for her a one-page, vertical website that had next to no load time, thus reducing the number of potential guests who were leaving her website. (Visitors generally leave a site when a page takes more than 5 seconds to load.)

I also wanted to focus on icons for her website. People skim read these days. They don't like reading blocks of text. One way to get all of your information across without relying on paragraphs is to create icons.

Check out the graphic below. Instantly, you know all of City Break Amsterdam's features.

City Break Amsterdam website focusing on icons that drives more bookings

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