Referral Schemes and Kickbacks

Boostly’s ‘Do You Know Anyone?’ Email Templates

There’s an unwritten rule in life…

The more people you connect with, the more opportunities will ‘usually’ come about.

And this rule applies to your own hospitality business too.

Because the more people who’ve got your property on their radar…means there’s a much greater chance of you getting a booking off one of them.

And he’s the ‘sciency’ bit…

I once heard that a regular person (on average) is on first-name terms with around 300 people.

So by contacting just one can in theory, open you up to their 300 connections…

And so on.

Which is why ‘Do you know anyone’s?’ emails are a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

Now, these emails are designed to ask your current contact list if they know anyone who’s struggling to book a getaway at the moment.

And you, being the helpful hospitality owner that you are, can solve that problem.

Which means:

For your subscriber, they get to help a friend or family member get that much-needed break while becoming the hero of the hour.

And for you:

You’ll get another booking, which could lead to repeat business and access to their 300+ network when they pass on what fantastic holiday they had with you.

Subject Line:  (Name) Do you know anyone?

Subject Line: (Name) I have a question

Subject Line: You could be a hero!

Hey/Hi/Hola (Name)

I have a question…

Do you know anyone who’s desperate to get away for a break this year?

It could be a family member, a close friend or even a work colleague.

Because if you do…

We’d LOVE to offer our/my own Property as a great option to get a much-needed rest.

And as a great big THANK YOU for your help, if they come to stay with us there’ll be a little gift winging its way to you for your trouble.

(Because who doesn’t love a surprise in the post)

So, if anyone springs to mind, it couldn’t be easier to let them know.

All you have to do is either:

1) Forward this email to them now telling them you’ve saved the day and found them a great place to stay before everywhere is booked up.

2) Copy and paste this link and send it over by Whatapp/Messenger/Text Message with a quick explanation that their holiday/vacation search is finally over.

Link Below:



3) Reply to this email with their contact details and I will personally get in touch.


And the best bit…

You get to be the hero for telling them about it!  

Apart from that, enjoy the rest of your day and Thank you in advance.

Sign Off


Oh (Name), and of course it goes without saying…

After reading this, if you actually think the person who needs a break the most is you!

Then please Click This Link Now and see what dates we have for you too before there’s nothing left.

OPTIONAL: We’ll even throw in a bottle of local wine/hamper/free breakfast) too!

Text message: 

(The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters.)


Who’s desperate to get away for a break this year?

If so, Click Link shortener for dates before we’re fully booked.

(Property name)


Email: Company Retreats

Subject: It’s time to reconnect

Subject: (Name) Working from home?

Hey/Hi/Hola (Name)

In the world of work…Things have changed.

You see, out of necessity, a lot of companies have closed their doors to staff, and working from home became the only option.

Here’s the ironic bit though…

Before lockdown, this idea would have been met with shouts of joy.

But after months of being confined to the spare room, kitchen table, or any other nook we could find to get SOMETHING done, the novelty has well and truly worn off.

Now, Zoom, Teams & Skype have all kept us connected in these last few months, but in my/our opinion, it doesn’t quite cut it.

Which gave us here at Property an idea that we wanted you to pass on your own company.

From today, we’re offering a ‘Let’s Reconnect’ discount for business retreats, so everyone can come together, get back on the same page, and blow off a little steam while here.

Because let’s face it…

A bit of normality would do everyone a world of good.

So, what’s in it for:

The staff? 

NOTES: Bullet list of features of your property you believe would make the reader want to visit for themselves and not the company. (Because, let’s face it, that’s all they care about. 😉)


  • Newly renovated rooms
  • 3 country pubs within half a mile of the property
  • Stunning outdoor pool to relax in.

Oh, and of course, your company…


  • Fully equipped meeting rooms with presentation tech and whiteboardh.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner packages to keep everyone’s energy up.
  • Nearby team building companies to add a little fun to the mix.

So, if you like our proposal, all you have to do is:

#1 Forward this email to your H.R person, CEO, or whoever you think can get the ball rolling.


#2 Send me their details, and I’ll personally reach out to them with our availability and discount info.

It’s that easy.

And with that, I/we hope to see you and your colleagues very soon.

Sign off



And if you’re the person in charge and want to learn more about what we can offer your company at Property, just reply to this email or call me on X, and I can tell you more about our availability and our ‘Let’s Reconnect’ discount.