Kerry from Camp Kátur – An interview with Boostly

Boostly recently conducted an interview with Kerry from Camp Kátur.

Tell us about Camp Kátur.

Set up in 2013, Camp Kátur is an “Off Grid” Glamping experience set within the beautiful 250 acres Camp Hill Manor Estate of North Yorkshire. This spot is known as the home of outdoor adventure! 

Camp Kátur offers a truly memorable Yorkshire Glamping holiday with an array of unique accommodation options, including: 

  • Teepees
  • Hobbit Pods
  • Bell tents
  • Unidomes
  • Geodomes
  • Safari Tents
  • Yurts 
  • Cabins

It is partnered with the Estate’s wide choice of outdoor adventure activities and corporate team building events. It’s a place that has something for everyone who wants to discover their true outdoor happiness.

What were you doing before Camp Kátur?

Before chasing the dream of running my own business, I worked for a large international corporation as a national product trainer. I travelled the length and breadth of the country, spending many hours on the road, dreaming up my next career move. This was to set up a business in something I felt passionate about.

What makes Camp Kátur different from other “Glamping” places in the UK?

It is located within a 250-acre estate which is home to various outdoor adventure activities. These include:

  • Aerial Extreme High Ropes course
  • 200-meter zip wire
  • Climbing walls
  • Swing bridges
  • Quad and Segway treks
  • Team building activities 

We also have one of the UK’s only bobsleigh tracks. This all makes a stay with us a little more adventurous than most other Glamping sites!

We are also the first and only site to have a 360° panoramic clear dome, which is extremely popular.

How many hours a week do you spend marketing Camp Kátur online?

We do a lot of social media advertising as part of our overall vacation rental marketing strategy, recently teaming up with a part-time social media expert who will concentrate solely on all targeted social media activity. 

We also regularly advertise in a few wedding magazines and other more local publications.

How many hours of those hours are you promoting yourself on social media?

Am I promoting myself? Not many! 

Unless we have had some good PR to shout about, I tend to lie low and spend more time promoting the Business.

However, a more personal approach in promoting the team and myself is something that I feel we should do more of. 

I love to travel and do travel often. Work-life balance is important, and life is too short not to try living your dreams.

I have considered for a while now that I should start a personal travel, business and lifestyle blog. This would be mainly a diary for myself and those who I can help inspire.

How important is the PR side of marketing your business? For example, have you ever appeared in local news or national press?

We have had some amazing press and TV appearances both nationally and internationally. Earlier, I was making a contacts list for our new social media girl and was quite overwhelmed by the amount of press we have actually had! This includes: 

  • BBC North
  • Local radio stations
  • Don’t Tell The Bride
  • To B&B the Best
  • Veggie TV
  • The Times
  • The Guardian
  • Daily Mirror
  • Daily Mail
  • The Sun
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine 
  • Cosmopolitan
  • The Stylist
  • Metro
  • Yorkshire Post
  • Take A Break
  • Chat Magazine
  • Northern Echo

To name but a few!

We have also appeared in the Italian, Australian, and Hong Kong press.

I do have a BA (Hons) in Marketing, so marketing is of real importance for us, along with social media.

Four In a Bed

What was the appeal of appearing on Four In a Bed?

A PR specialist told us we should go on the show a few times but I was never that keen. This was mainly due to the fact that they always tend to show Glamping sites in the least favourable of lights. They purposely choose competitors that loathe anything related to camping or Glamping. 

Anyhow after they approached us, I reconsidered and went in with the attitude not to win but to showcase what a fantastic holiday park we have. I was confident that many people would see it and think “WOW,” regardless of whether the contestants we were paired with liked it or not. 

Any PR is good PR, and it’s reaching tens of thousands of people and repeats several times.

What did you love and/or hate about being on the TV show?

The first day was the most uncomfortable. That was when we met the team and our contestants. You are not allowed to talk to one another about who you are or what you do. It is a top secret until we check into each party’s accommodation. With our own establishment being the last one in the 2 weeks of filming, keeping schtum was a little hard at times! 

The days were extremely long. The show was filmed from 7 am until 2 or 3 in the morning. We felt sorry for some of the producers, who worked constantly with hardly a rest until the one day they got during the weekend. 

It took a while to adjust to doing several takes of things and get into a COMPETITIVE flow. We had a truly amazing time, and all got on great. We have since met up with our peers more than once and will undoubtedly continue to have the odd social gathering. We were all very much in the same mindset of just wanting the PR and to just have fun with it.

I know you were restricted to a certain extent with regard to telling the world about your TV appearance before it aired. But what did or could you do to shout about it?

Other than telling family and friends, NOTHING! Researchers from the show check your social media, so we were quite conscious not to say too much in case it jeopardised us being on the show.

What have been the noticeable benefits to the business of being on national TV? 

Exposure to a wider and broader audience across the whole of the UK. We could also become known further afield if outsiders can access “catch up” TV! The fact that it is a programme which often repeats was a big pull for us. 

Our Clear Woodland Hide Unidome has become increasingly popular. We also received some wonderful emails and social media comments from watchers, complimenting the business and ourselves. That was heart-warming and will hopefully stick in their minds enough to recommend us to others.

Would you ever do it again? 

Never say never!

Thank you so much to Kerry for taking the time out to answer our questions. Kerry is in the process of starting a new adventure in Italy, and we wish her all the best.

You can find out more about Camp Kátur here.

You can follow Kerry's adventures on Instagram here

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