J Massey Shares his expert advice to a host to get more direct bookings LIVE

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 143. This is a recap of my Facebook live where J Massey Shares his expert advice to a host to get more direct bookings.

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Janie's Got a fantastic email list. Some of I think I feel what you're going for, especially with these first three photos. The challenge, though is that they're very low resolution. So I if you can, I would get some higher resolution photos just because so they don't look so grainy, especially with these phones and any of the iPhones man, the resolution on those things is so so good. I love this food picture. By the way, this over here, not so much. Because again, it's off-axis and off-angle to like bedroom shots that are straight on but we'll get to more. But I just want to contrast this versus the other one we saw from the beginning is that she had the delayed pop up, it looked like it was around 30 seconds, she's got the photos that the gallery photos that are switching in on each one I want everyone to pay attention to. She's got her credibility sitting at the bottom. And it's different each time, which is again, another symbol of trust, because that's one of the first things that we've got to build.

Now, I don't know where the reviews are. So I find that interesting. That shows up for me as missing at this moment. Like where the reviews. Additionally, I would relook at this, your banner is just way too large up here. So that's a lot of valuable screen that could be better used in some other way. And now up here we have lots of choices. All right. What was really good about the other website is that there was a choice, right? There was a choice. Here, I'm feeling like there's just too many choices. And I would explore a different menu or directory system up here. Again, do you have hot jar or something that shows you where the heat maps is where people are clicking?

Moving at the speed of instruction is what we call it I get excited for that. My guess is, is that there are only a few of these up here that people are actually clicking on that really don't need to be here and you'll begin to learn a lot about what people are clicking on as well. Plus, I don't know if you've realized what you've got booked my stay up here as well as right here. And again, there's just a lot of wasted space here. And don't get me wrong I like your photos. I like what you're doing. I'm almost though going to say I would prefer to see it more in a framed style because I don't know if you've seen where they have, you know three or four photos in a frame but not all of them have to be the same shape and size that would at least be a little bit more lively. And ultimately you Got a lot of red and green, and all I can think of is Christmas. And I'm like, I don't, that's what she's after. But it's what evokes it. So everywhere. And that's fine. I'm just letting you know that if that was intentional, great. If not, then consider all these awards. I still would like to see reviews from real people that have stayed here.

Free guide

So this is right here, this free guide. Do you have a video version of this? So what I would love is a video version of this, even if it's only a voiceover and you just flipping through the photos talking about it. You're on an island, aren't you? So it's hard to get to you, right? So here's one of the things that I was thinking about for you. And others, you might want to pick this up, too. There's a company out here it's called the multitasker. What they literally build is a VR version of the inside of your place. So someone could come to your site on an Oculus headset. And, and literally, quote, unquote, walk around in a VR space, because you're hard to get to it to your advantage to use, and these are the guys that that do it then Now obviously, they do it for construction, and all kinds of things like that, but repurposing it for our purposes, makes a ton of sense to me, especially since you have Where did it go this guy? I'm willing to bet. Do you have a drone?

you've got too much green pretty puffins and Burt, you've got to get this place shot from above so that people go, you know, you want those photos where people stare at it like you do in the morning. Sometimes you look oh, you're like, Oh my god, I can't believe I live here. That's what you want me to say. When I look at your photos.

Let's leverage what's going to be typed in the search engine anyway. Yep. I mean, there because that's what cause you and what's really interesting to me, because this is what got my attention. Buy your tickets online to see the puffins. Yeah, that's the thing. Do you realize that this is at the bottom of the page? If that is supposed to be a thing, and that cuz I'm not seeing. I mean, maybe I missed it. Yeah, no, no puffins.

Oftentimes, we don't leverage Things cuz again, I live in Southern California. I really have no desire to go to Disneyland. I don't. And I know that's why people are coming. So guess what? I start mentioning Disneyland, because it's why they're coming anyway. There's no sense in me taking the time to mention something else when you're coming for Disneyland. So I'm going to leverage that to my advantage as much as I possibly can.

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