Is SEO dead?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 63. This is a recap of my Hostfully interview where I talked about SEO.

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What does SEO mean? SEO is ridiculously hard. There are experts out there that spend years trying to get ranked number one, you know rank number one on Google. And but the honest truth is, is that you could spend months or years lots and lots of money hiring people doing all of the things to try and rank for a specific keyword. And you'd manage to get to number one. But the problem is, is that even when you rank number one, you've still got a big map in the way above you the Google Map. And then you've now got rich snippets, which is a whole other conversation. And then you've got ads. So even if you managed to spend all this money, time and effort and waste so many hours trying to do it. You're still halfway down page number one. And you know don't even kid yourself with page two, nobody goes to page two. So yes, SEO is there and SEO is SEO and there are some really good people that can do this for you.

Optimize your SEO

There are plugins that can help Yoast, in Boostly we put a Yoast plugin as standard with every one of our websites because people ask for it. And you know, we do the very minimal setup. And we just say Listen, this is all on you. Go for it we will do will give you the basics.

But the most important thing, and it's where so many people fall down is that they write the content. They write the website for Google. So they write it with keywords in mind. That's ridiculous. That's bananas, because it's not Google, it's going to come and stay with you. An algorithm is not going to pop up and knock on your door and pay you to stay with you. The guest is the user is your future potential guest so don't fall in the trap. If you want the shortest way of getting to number one pay for it. You've got to pay to play unfortunately in this one So whether it's Facebook, whether that's TripAdvisor, whatever, SEO because search engine optimization isn't just Google, it's brave. It's Airbnb, an SEO, you've got TripAdvisor, Seo SEO, everything's got some form of search engine algorithm that you got to try and crack. So if want to if you want to get a shortcut to the top pay for it, if not, then just focus on making a really good website. Go back to the first tip, the first tip that I said take your people, text your friends and then give them a link to your website. Make sure your website is amazing. And if you're not sure that your website amazing just come to Boostly, they will give you an amazing one. And then you just literally go from there. So don't worry about SEO.

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