Is Guestflow the hospitality version of Slack?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 354. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about if Guestflow is the hospitality version of Slack.

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It's interesting when we actually integrate with Slack, Slacl is a fantastic communication tool. When you're looking at tools, I think like, I like to say to my new starters, especially because we're quite, we're in tight tech, right? And I say to people, like we're remote, we're a remote business, my manager, my guests, experience manager, who is running the team of VA, and she's fantastic. She's she managed a Barclays Bank branch for six years. And she's in a call center for RBS. And she's, she's in Bedford, you know, I've not met her once, you know, it's incredible, really why we are meeting up so I'm not well, you know, we don't need to, and that's, that's the advantage we've got, we've got staff literally all over the UK and all over the world. And so we have to use tools and is to replace the efficiency that you often would get and the dynamic you'd get in an office when you're working together. I say what the tools are to replace certain things. And for me Slack's replacing just the conversation that Hey, how's it going with that thing, it's not so great at managing tasks, actually. So it's great for notifications like, Oh, look at the till registers, just one. And like, we can see a stripe notification. And it's just, you can see the payments just come in. And actually, if potentially that verification that we mentioned earlier, the IDS just been submitted, you want to get notified about it. And slack is great for that. Because your team's there and you're already chatting, it's I think the thing is a notification isn't a notification, there's actions required, you can see the status of it in Slack, click a button, and it takes you somewhere else to actually perform the task. And I think that's what's important. slack. slack is great. And it's an interesting analogy, because it's it is like an online SAS product. But yeah, ultimately, where slack falls down is in task management. Because it's conversational, like things can get lost. And if something needs to be done tomorrow, it's like, it's got built-in reminder functions. But it's not necessarily the same as a piece of paper sat on your desk, in the office, right. And that's more than a task management comes in.

Guest flow is like essentially a task manager for the service for the hospitality industry, where you can actually perform all of the tasks from the app itself.

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