I made it into the Top 20 Vacation Rental Consultants list!

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 116. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how I made it into the Top 20 Vacation Rental Consultants list.

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So got some good news. First and foremost, thank you very much to Rentals United, I was recently named one of the top 20 vacation rental consultants. And what I want to do is I want to say thank you very much to vacationers but I also wanted to share the light and give you some more people to follow, just in case that Boostly is one of many that you would like to check out because there's always one way to skin a cat as they say, and with with the beauty of vacation rentals with the beauty of hospitality and marketing and all that stuff. So many amazing people.

Other people to follow

So I'm very happy and privileged to say that I know a lot of people mentioned in here, starting with Paula. We're very honoured to work together on a book direct show. That was last year 2020 virtual event. But I got to watch Paula's fantastic presentation definitely want to check out.

Conrad O'Connell haven't had the pleasure of speaking directly to Conrad but he is on here build up bookings, SEO etc.. Mr. Daniel Rusteen otherwise known as optimize your b&b. I've known Danny for many years he's very much focused primarily on Airbnb. I think when it comes to Airbnb, he's probably the best out there if we all you know we say as he is fantastic. As a very good Instagram very good YouTube channel. Please do go and check out Danny. He's been a participant in the Boostly podcast many times. Good, good guy.

Me and Louise have been actually working together a lot this year. Louise is a fantastic copywriter. She really does help host I think her special power is she helps hosts figure out who their guests avatar is. She helps give keywords and phrases and she's been doing it for a lot of Boostly website clients. Which is amazing and again Rental Tonic do go and check it out. She is speaking at the book direct show 2021 in London alongside myself so do go and check out.

Eric Mason again a name that I see cropping up time and time again we've tried a few times one definitely to go and check out with, Richard Wagner of yes consulting. So again, I'm a member of yes consultants somehow I managed to sneak my name in, but very good source.

Jessica Gillingham I will definitely check out Jessica more. I haven't had the pleasure of speaking directly. But looks like she offers PR. Justin Ford. Again another member I haven't had the privilege of giants who by definitely will go and check out more

My write-up

There I am, Mark Simpson on the list. Let's read it out. Following a successful career in many different fields of hospitality. Mark Simpson started Boostly in 2016 to help short term rental hosts increase their revenue. What started as an idea to help host in Mark's hometown Scarborough, United Kingdom get more direct bookings becoming less reliant on the otas has grown into a worldwide coaching platform with over 700 members. That's actually over 1000. Mark is also the one behind the most engaged Facebook communities for Hospitality professionals, the hospitality community, which has over 6000 members, and they talk about the services that they offer, which is lovely.

Next up is Maven. So I've worked with Maven this year. been on a podcast a couple of times. Absolutely fantastic person to check out definitely an open pointer. do go checking out the flying cat market and podcast and one to watch out speaking at the book Derek shell talks about SEO makes SEO interesting, which is no mean feat.

Mr. Simon Lehman, winner of the show is award really good guy came on the podcast for the episode about cryptocurrency.

You know, he's got many strings to his bow. He is one of the thought leaders of our industry. So do go check him out. Giampaolo, so Giampaolo puts on so many events. I was at one of his events last year, two of his events last year, and again, based in Italy, but again, a fantastic guy doing lots of fantastic services for the world of hospitality. Talking about cryptocurrency, Mr. Luca de Giulio an Italian in Bulgaria, Romania, who is the founder of trips, which is an NFT based platform he is going to bring the hospitality world into the world of blockchain maybe not right now, but it will definitely happen. I do go check out the block, trips currency community, fantastic discord channel, and again, an eye opener when he was on the Boostly podcast. As somebody who can I have never had the privilege of me and I'll try to but I will remain Geochelone. Apologies I butchered that pronunciation and again, john Locke, not a chance to chat to John, but I definitely will do Ben Edwards again have another chance but I will do somebody who I have met many times and is a fantastic human is Elaine one of the holiday let success podcast. Elaine, again is all about direct bookings, fantastic podcast hosts Just know a lot about this industry and again, when I was doing a bit of research into Boostly podcast Elaine was the one that I went to check out and I keep going back to.

Natasha Natasha based in Valencia also dabbled in a bit of cryptocurrency vegan travels the world on a budget fantastic person. Mother balls was a well host who loves to share different tips building a brand and marketing and again, had the privilege of chatting to her a few times. I'm not even going to try and pronounce that name. But I will definitely try and reach out in the future.

Again some amazing names on here people I have chatted to people I haven't and I'm looking forward to go and checking them out more now if you want to go check out this blog. Just type in top 20 vacation rental consultants into a Google search and rentals united and this link will come up so again thank you very much for vacation rentals. rentals United for featuring me. It's always nice to be mentioned in things like this is not reason I do it. I much prefer to see your results, but it is nice and it definitely does help more people discover Boostly and I know full well that people have come to me on the back of this blog and this announcement. So thank you very much.

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