Podcast: Recap Of How To Increase Direct Bookings

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Our final podcast is a short recap of the other five podcasts, covering what we talked about and what steps you can take to increase your direct bookings!

Episode 1: Website

In the first episode, we talked about how your website is the gateway to your property. A good homepage is a massive deciding factor on whether guests book with you or somewhere else.

You should maintain a clean and easy website with up-to-date pictures. It’s also important that your phone number is clearly visible and that it’s easy for customers to book through your website. It can help to have a big BOOK NOW button located in a prominent place.

Episode 2: TripAdvisor

The second episode was about how having an active TripAdvisor page can increase your bookings, too.

Remember, it’s important to respond to reviews and make them personal, but at the same time, keep those responses short and sharp.

Episode 3: Online Travel Agents

In this episode, we talked about how it’s important to utilise OTAs by having listings with pictures. And remember to tag those pictures!

Another important point was to use the 80/20 rule. This means that you should focus on the 20% of the OTAs that are bringing you 80% of your bookings. Make sure you use your account manager at these OTAs.

Episode 4: Email Marketing

This episode, which, in my opinion, is the most important, we discussed how email marketing is the easiest and most effective way of increasing direct bookings for years to come. We also covered the use of newsletters and the importance of emailing your 10 most important guests.

Episode 5: Social Media

The last episode talked about how you can sell more by keeping your social media accounts social instead of selling all the time. Our most important takeaway was to keep your accounts interactive and to put your face behind your brand. Posting a selfie in front of your property is a great way to accomplish this!

multiple social media logos

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Remember that you can always go back and listen to these podcasts to get more information!

Please let us know what you thought about the podcasts and which tips you have implemented! What are your outcomes, what was easy, what was difficult, and most importantly, how have your direct bookings increased? Email me at mark@boostly.co.uk!

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