How you can appeal to guests who aren’t on social media

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 101. This is a recap of my interview where we talked about how you can appeal to guests who aren’t on social media.

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If the majority of your guests and your future potential guests and using social media, then let’s go super old school here and rely on the phone or even better handwriting in a letter to your previous guests to tell them about things that are going on, like use it as a power. And also as well as you’re doing that when you’re doing the handwritten letter, handwritten note that the email or the phone call, always bearing in mind that thing that I say to every single one of you, but do you know anyone is super prevalent and very, very powerful. So if basically, if I was writing to you, it’d be something along the lines of if you can’t make to see us this year, for whatever reason, if you know anybody, then Do you know anybody that would like to come and stay with us, again, if you know any friend or family member, because that way is a peer recommendation. And they’ll be able to go Oh, so I’ve got a friend who would love the property loved the area. And again, I feel by going old school, then you don’t have to rely on social media.

Junk mail

We had many years of junk mail, we’ll just throw it out, didn’t we, but now what we want to see the post that’s slightly different. So if you’re going to write a letter, make it you know, make it different, put it in a different colored envelope, you know, and if you could potentially, you know, get some, you know, compelling photographs to showcase what you do. And if, you know, if you don’t have computer skills, and you may have, you know, relatives who might be able to help you, but there’s, you know, a fabulous website called And a lot of it’s free, you can create an amazing flyer, and, you know, and put some really good quality photographs in there to assist you to make that letter really truly stand out. And, and, you know, and, and if you are, you know, and you know, Mark Mark talks about the phone call I mean that that’s that’s such a great idea. Who do you know, and and and yeah, I think that’s that’s something that you could definitely do to try and stand out.

Yeah, definitely. And and Joseph being back in the zoom chat saying, a target market busy professionals coming together with friends or family don’t like to spend time on social media totally get that. So again, if it is the business professionals, think about look on Save, you’ve got a couple of books and say you’ve got 10 bookings, and you’ve got you’ve noticed a very trend on where people are, etc. saver, you notice that there’s one town or city that is getting 8% of your bookings, then what you can do is you can focus on that area, and if they don’t spend time on social media, well, what are they reading? So maybe there’s a magazine, maybe there’s a newspaper, could you then contact that local press? Because press right now printed press dying for people to spend money in their papers, etc? Could you could you do some in the classifieds, etc. Again, try and get in their eyeline, if you’re not on social media doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There’s loads of different ways to do it. Making said make it stand out. Don’t send some if you are going to post them off in Toronto in a boring way envelope. Do it in a nice colorful, something that makes you want to open it it’s the same as anything click just like on social media, make it stand out, make it stand out amongst all those bills, which is which is really rich.

Approach local magazines

One thing to add to what Mark said was, you know if you do approach and local magazines, there are they’re looking for Writers so if you can do right and get something in there, you know, that will really help. And again, it’s not, it’s not really about you. It’s about your local area, if that makes sense. So, you know, it depends on what they’re wanting from you. If it is an advertorial then of course it is about you. But if it’s something about the local area, that’s something that you can properly probably use as well.

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