How Wil Slickers got started in Hospitality

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 409. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how Wil Slickers got started in hospitality.

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So next up, we have got a podcast, and he has come from the world of hotels into property management. And his brand is fast becoming one of the fastest-growing in this industry. And it has been amazing to see Mr. Wills slickers, he has got slick talk, he has an award called the destination air Award, which is awesome. And as well, he does good mind in hospitality, as well as many other things, who's a very, very busy individual. And we were able to get well to spend some time in our Clubhouse room, and the video and the audio of you're gonna listen to is how we'll got started in hospitality. He's definitely want to go and check out his podcast. He's interviewed some of the big, big, big, big names in this industry on his podcasts, go to slick talk, just Google slick talk, he'll be in there. So this is a little segment of the 24-hour clubhouse room that we put together in 2021. Like I said, this is one of my highlights of this year during his free clubhouse rooms. This is a small little segment, so please do listen. And find out how will Mr. Wills slickers got stayed in hospitality.

About Wil Slickers

I got started on accident, kind of like everybody is the unconventional but conventional way to get into hospitality. I had a show for an event company in 2019. And then I lost it because of Ubers really hard to compete with, you know. And so long story short, and as a young 20 year old, I got into hotels, I went to work at a luxury hotel for Diamond property with Marriott. And I fell in love, I love taking care of guests creating moments, the experiences, and I was there for about two and a half years and then I moved to the Oregon coast to go work on the boutique side, I wanted to see what it's like to work with an independent owner and kind of be more creative with standards and rules and how the ways the property was formed.

And what we offered as a collection, so moved to the Oregon coast, but I have an entrepreneurial itch. So I started a podcast, I was wanting to learn more.

And that's kind of how my journey got started. I was encouraged with real outlet to teach myself new things in the industry with you know, revenue management and marketing and all the other kind of hotels that we think of. But during this time, my mom and dad actually started their own Airbnb, they had a two-bedroom apartment above their garage and they are trying to figure out after a bad taste in their mouth from a long term tenant who kind of the entry to play swell was bad paying rents and all that good stuff. Realize that they can make three times as much while being on Airbnb and I saw I'd have the opportunity to create my own little mini Hotel. So I took that concept I ran with it. And long story short 2019 December 27 was my last day as a hotel manager. I quit my job. Three weeks prior I gave him three weeks notice to then run my podcast full time and start a luxury vacation rental management company. And little did I know this little thing called COVID would come out. But thankfully, you know, we're still here when it comes to entrepreneurship, Think or Swim, and I've been swimming ever since.


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