How to Verify your internet speeds on Airbnb

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 332. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to verify your internet speeds on Airbnb.

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So I'm really happy to show this to you. And this is sometimes when you start talking about something, and you get a little nudge from Airbnb, and then you actually see it being put into practice, this actually makes me feel happy, because we've been warning our Boostly community for a while now. But this is going to be happening. And this is a chance for you now to take advantage of it, which will help you get more visibility on the platform.

The new Wi-Fi filter

So we're talking about Wi-Fi, we're talking about a new filter that is coming into the Airbnb search algorithm very, very, very soon. And it's around a new trend that is really taken off with everything that happened in 2020 and beyond. So we're talking about Wi-Fi speeds. Now, you will remember, in a podcast that we did, I'm trying to think of when it was at least a month ago, if not two or three months ago, you'll say you'll have noticed that I did a video where I noticed that in the back end of Airbnb in the amenity section, you could add in your Wi-Fi speeds.

Now, this is nothing more than just Airbnb seeing it. They weren't showing it anywhere. It wasn't part of a search algorithm or a filter or anything like that. And it was very much going off what you said. And it was interesting to see what Airbnb were going to do next because Brian Chesky of Airbnb said that they were looking at adding it in as a search because this is what people wanted is what the guests are wanting.

So let me just share my screen, it's taken a step further now. So now you can actually verify your internet speed. Now, if you are listening to this on the audio version, if you're on currently an iPhone, or an Android or Spotify or wherever, jump over to the YouTube channel. Basically look for the title, how to verify your internet speed of Airbnb. And you'll be able to see this blog here. Now he's going to walk you through it. So basically now guests are looking for a place to stay, but they are not only comfortable but totally connected. That's why you need to verify your internet connection and Wi-Fi speed in order for it to be searchable in your listing. The internet speed test measures your connecting download speed, that's how fast the information can transfer to it nothing talking about upload, which is important. So download speed only.

Test your Wi-fi using you app

Open up your app, go to hosting listings about amenities, popular edit Wi Fi, add your Wi Fi speed, then run the Wi Fi test and save. Okay. So that's really important. If you want to scroll down, you can find out more about what they're using to test this with if you want to get geeked out on it like I did. But here's the cool thing. So understanding your speeds, okay.

Now if you've got zero megabytes, I won't even talk about your Wi Fi, I would go the opposite way and I would go we are anti Wi Fi you come here to escape, I would be a total separate avatar. If you've got zero megabytes Speed Internet, your avatar would be get away, relax, no phone, no stress, that type of it, you've got one to six, your Wi Fi is slow. To be perfectly honest, if you've got one to six Wi Fi, I would really look at investing in something like starlink that is coming later this year. This is obviously part of Elon Musk's big, big plans for satellites open to the planet. I don't know why I looked up there. But above the planet, it will give you at least 80 to 100 megabytes speed maybe even faster. I used to live obviously in a very rural location, we suffered with this massively. And we ended up working with a satellite company to fix this. And it made it better. It wasn't perfect, but it was better. And this will just make it even more better.

So one six, slow seven to 13, which is getting a lot more common now. snappy, snappy, nothing amazing, snappy, anything more than 10 megabyte speeds, you can watch the football Netflix, you know, maybe you can watch Netflix All right. But if you and the whole family jump on it, it may get a little snappy. Now here's we're talking this is where you want to be 14 to 49 megabytes, easily achievable. Now with fiber and all those lovely stuff. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, your Wi-Fi is fast.

Now this is the 150 megabyte plus I currently where I am now in the place where I am in Spain. I'm currently sitting at 100 200 megabytes speed that is super fast. Airbnb class super fast lightning fast is 50 megabyte plus, so what's going to happen in the search results of Airbnb. So if he were to sort of look in here on the actual listings, and on the actual search. So when we actually come into the search here and somebody searches for a property, when they're looking at the filters, what you're going to notice is that there will be a Wi Fi filter on here, and it will be snappy, slow or super fast.

And if Do you have got any Wi-Fi now this is basically what Airbnb is saying, if you've got Wi Fi, it's 50 megabyte plus, and you can go into your property and you can test it. Fantastic. Now, there may be some of you that aren't able to get your property, you can just give somebody access to your hosting account, and you can go and test it, they can edit great given co hosting for the day, or whatever you want to do to do that, if you can get to your properties. Fantastic. This is something I would definitely start to do now.

Now what another thing that I've noticed is that this isn't available for everybody just yet. This feature isn't available in some countries and regions. So just go and test it. See where you are in the world? And let me know in the comments if you can amend this. And please do let me know. I've had people at the Boostly Academy, people of my coaching community testing this and we've got different reports from all over the world.

Now if you want to be part of the Boostly Academy, you want to find out about this news first. Then make sure you go to Go and check it out, come and join the team come and join Team Boostly, where you hear about all this information first, so you can be ahead of the crowd. But this is interesting.

Very, very, very interesting to see how are being going this is obviously a reflection on their user base and what they are asking for. So it's all about your guest profile guest avatar. Really, really interesting stuff. Please let me know in the comments what you think about this and where you sit on the internet speed spectrum. All right. I'll be back tomorrow as always, with a daily podcast Until then, stay productive. There'll be reactive, go get Wi Fi to up and I'll speak to you soon.

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