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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 328. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to setup Crazy Egg for your website.

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Welcome back to another episode of the Boostly podcast and we've got a very special Boostly tuneup series. I am working with another client at the moment. This is Clayton Morley over Cassano, Granada, which is based in Almira, which is in Spain, it's got a fantastic property that's got accommodation, a restaurant, me and my family were very fortunate to go and visit it in 2020. So we can speak firsthand how amazing it is.

And recently, we just published a website live for Clayton. And what he wants to be able to do is just to see how people are interacting with design. He's got some Google ads running. He's got all the email promotions and social media promotions going on.

The effectiveness of a website

And he was saying to me, Mark, you know, how can we track the effectiveness of a website. So obviously, he's got Google Analytics, which is great. But I was talking to him about a company that I use a lot, which is called Crazy Egg. So let me just play Crazy Egg in the background as we're talking here. So Crazy Egg is a screen recording tool. And what it does is it will show Clayton, how people are interacting with his website. So you can do screenshots. So like a heat map. And also as well, it will record the screen and Clayton will be able to see it doesn't matter what tablet or mobile or desktop that they are on.

As you can see from this video here, it will show people exactly how it will show clear and exactly how people are interacting through videos. Now I've used this for Boostly for many years, I've used it on new website designs that we do as well. And it's a really effective tool. So I'm going to set Clayton up on it for him for three months. And what I'm going to do in this video is I'm going to show you how to set up crazyegg for you and your website. So let me just delve in to the back end of crazyegg.

How to set up Crazy Egg on your website

So this is the dashboard, has a very low monthly fee. So you've created your account on crazyegg. And obviously, this is the back end of Clayton's website. Now, the good news for people is that you don't just need a WordPress website to make this happen. You can also do if you've got a Wix website, Shopify, Squarespace, all these jazz, you will be able to do it if you've got a PMS website, which you know, you're very restricted with free PMS websites. So if you haven't yet got a WordPress website, do please come to us, we can definitely help. So what I'm going to do is I'm not going to show you the full recording of it, because it's very boring. I'm going to connect now, the crazyegg system to Clayton's website. Okay, so you will come back in a second, and it will be all done.

Okay, so we are back. So now the websites are connected. So we have got the Crazy Egg plugin on here, really simple to do on it took about three minutes to sort out. And what we need to do is we now need to set this up. So we're going to first of all, we're going to create a snapshot. So what I want to do is I want to create a snapshot for a single page, and the single page that we're going to use is going to be the homepage. So we're going to add that in, which is here. And this is going to be called homepage, we are going to track it on desktop, tablet, mobile. And we're going to start the screenshot immediately. And we're going to get it to last for 30 days.

Okay, so we're going to do this. And we're going to hit Create. Now what we're going to do is we are going to come back to this because what will happen just like the video showed is that it will be able to and let me just set this up here it will be able to show us heat maps now is that there are other softwares such as hot jar etc. But as you can see from the description here, it will show where people are hovering where people are clicking where people are interacting in screenshots.

Recordings in Crazy Egg

Now another cool thing is you can also do recordings. Okay, so we are going to do this, customize recordings. It's going to be set up record sessions where people land, anywhere on the site. And all about you can just keep as standard which is, which is fantastic. So when we come down here, this has been live now just for a little bit. So if I were to click onto here, it will already show me that people are interacting now. What this means is that people have landed on the website on the restaurant page for our wines on here, people have landed on the destination page. On here, people have landed on Almira activities on here, people have landed on the gallery page, which is really interesting. Now on here you can see on what device they used, so if they used a mobile or a desktop, here, it will show you the browser. So Google Chrome, Google Chrome, Google Chrome here is obviously the country. So I got a lot of people visit from Spain. So this has lasted for nine pages. They were on the site for six minutes. And as you can see here, it's got A little bit of information that is that it has given us. So this one was on for 16 minutes, this one for six months. So if we click the play button, now what it will be able to do is it will be able to show us exactly the scenario.

So this is done on a on a Google Chrome on an Android phone. And it was today, now you can put set the speed for one, you can set the speed for two, I like to set the speed for two. And what you're able to do is you're able to see exactly how they are interacting with the website. So as you can see here, they've landed on the on the homepage, scrolling down scrolling through, it really does give you a real good idea of exactly how they are interacting with the site. So we're looking at the reviews. And this will tell me this will tell Clayton Okay, so this is good, this isn't good. And it will show you exactly how long people are staying on the website. Now, what Google wants, if you want to rank higher on Google, you want people to spend more time on your website. So by having somebody for six minutes on the site that does fantastic. This is showing that somebody is really intrigued with everything to do with the business. And again, when they're taking their time, and you can see that we're going from the bedroom. So they're really looking to stay. This is exactly what we want somebody to do. Now, obviously, Clayton has got the business set up in two different languages in Spanish, and in Great Britain, and it will obviously all translate accordingly.

But this is exactly what we are looking and hoping for the worst-case scenario, which if I just click out of here for a second, if I go back a step, What you don't want is you don't want this where somebody literally is on your site for six seconds, then leaves, the only scenario that you would want that is when they come on to let's say they come on to the homepage, which is here. Okay, and then they click on book now, that's the best scenario, that's a really good bounce because it means that they're going from here, and they're gonna go and visit the page that they want to want to book on, which is, which is basically a win scenario, in my opinion.

So what we're going to do is we've just loaded that up, just had it in there for a couple of hours. And what we're going to do now is we're gonna leave it and I will come back to this in a couple of weeks or a month time, and we will be able to show you some more results. And again, this is if you're thinking this looks good for your business there's no affiliate link or anything like that. I just use them. I love them. I recommend them and it really does help you understand your website better and how it is performing.

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