How to set up Google Ads to Bid ON Brand and divert attention away from Booking com

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 329. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to setup Google Ads to Bid ON Brand and divert attention away from Booking com.

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We are back with another Boostly tuneup mini-series. And I am in Spain helping Clayton in Almira, and yesterday, we were focusing on the website. Now it's about driving traffic to the website and Clayton wants to give Google Ads a go. Let me just show the screen here. So what we have here is Google Ads campaign. And what we've done is we've set up a very specific campaign that is going to drive more people towards the website, this is called bid on brand.

Bid on Brand

Now what this means and what this does, is that if anybody is going to come onto the internet and type in any of these combinations, then Clayton's website is going to come up this is bid on brand. Now. Bid on Brand basically means that when somebody goes onto the internet and types in the business name, the likes of, etc, are going to bid on your brand on Google ads to make sure that they come up at the top of Google, which isn't what we don't want to happen, because when somebody Googles our name, we want them to come to our website. And yeah, you can have a website, you can have Google Map, etc. But people click on the first thing that they see. Now you're thinking, Well, why can do this? Well, it's because they put it in the T's and C's that you sign that you don't read.

So what we need to do is we need to fight fire with fire. And the cool thing about doing this in using these keywords, is that they are very unique, they are very rare. So it means the cost per click is very low pennies to the pounds. Now if we were to do say accommodation in Spain, or guesthouse in Spain, or restaurant in Spain, that'd be really high, lots of people search for that, it will be very, very, very expensive. So instead, what we're going to do, and if you can see the screen, so if you listen to the audio version of the podcast, please come and find us on YouTube, we are going to use very specific words. And as you can see, if you just scroll in and zoom in, or zoom in here, you'll see that we've got our speech bubbles. And then we've got blocks on the side here brackets as they are called.

Now what happens by doing this, it means that this is a phrase match. And this is an exact match. And what this means is that the person has to exactly type it in. Now if you weren't to include these little speech bubbles, or if you weren't going to include the brackets. And what could potentially happen is that if somebody types in the word Andalou via, then your ad will come up. And that's very expensive. You want to make sure that the keywords are relevant to the audience that are going to potentially type it in. Now the cool thing about Google Ads compared to if you just rely on the organic results is that you can manipulate what is shown. What do I mean by that.

So if we come into here, and we look at the ads, now what you can do is you can have your own text, you're not relying on Google to show the organic, but you can also have what is known as site extensions. So you can send someone straight to your booking page, you can send once someone to your favourite room or your favourite property. And also as well, what we've done is I've gone and added in some extra extensions, that's going to show a special discount code that Clayton has for anybody who books direct. And also as well, we've got the phone number, straight on Google. So about the future potential guests can call him directly from the ad.

So we're giving guests as much chance as possible to come onto the internet, come on to Google. And what they'll be able to do is they'll be able to find Clayton and Clayton's business, which is exactly what we want them to do. And by doing the bid on brand, we're literally fighting fire with fire. So just in case, decide that they want to target those keywords, etc. Then what we're going to do is we're going to make sure that they won't be able to and in there at the very top, or we're also going to do is we're going to make sure that it is Clayton's business that that is showing, which is really key.

Now also as well, just in case that on Google, the appear higher for whatever reason than the website, then what we're going to do is we're going to make sure that we tell everybody that this is the official hotel website, we're going to say that this is the phone number to call directly, book direct best discounts when you book direct. So just as an example that I'm showing here on the screen now we've done that, I've typed in one of the keywords. This is an ad here, this is an ad here for obviously for the website. As you can see the phone number is clearly visible. And in here. We've got basically a special offer. When you book direct and when mentioned in the book directs we're educating the guests, which is so key to do. And if they don't for whatever click here, then it's here. Here. Here we've got the total real estate we are monopolizing the real estate on Google search. Yes, is here, but we've got a very good overall real estate up in here. So people are more likely to book directly on our website, click on our website, and we are confident now that when a guest lands on the website that we've got Really cool looking site, one now that a guest will want to book direct instead of going elsewhere.

And we emphasize that with those messages, book direct best discounts when you book direct 10% discount when you book direct, etc, etc. So, this is what we've done.

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