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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 352. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to scratch your own itch.

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I’ve got a very special treat for you today on the Boostly podcast, I interviewed Graham Lindley from Guest Flow. Go and check it out. They are revolutionising workflow systems for Hospitality owners busy hospitality owners. This interview will explain a whole lot more about it. Go and check out book in a little call, see how it can help you very, very low cost. And it will help the communications within your whole team and it will expand and improve your guest experience 100% this is not a sponsored ad or anything like that. As always, I like to bring you the tools or tactics. And training is definitely a tool that I want to put in front of you. Do go check it out. The full interview is coming up.

How the systems can be duplicated

I started working with Chris Porter, who’s awesome. And he was a consultant initially, you know, a lot of our early success in the management business was thanks to his strategy, he just he brought to the table, what I didn’t have on the get stuff done guy, he’s the guy who’s five pages ahead and actually need a bit of both, you know, and he saw the solution I bought to the problem that he was, you know, you know, I think he’s probably consulted to, you know, quite a few people and over time, and he saw a very common problem with a lot of businesses. And my idea at the time was, I’m just gonna go and consult out, I’ll let other people know how I’ve done it. And, and actually, he saw the opportunities, you know, it’s thanks to him that we started getting close. We’re business partners on it, you know, and we’re, you know, we’re two years into the project now.

So it’s just over two years ago, we were in Barcelona at the time, and, you know, probably got to know each other. And we’re out with a delegation of businesses. And, you know, I didn’t realize at the time, but that was some that was part of it for them. They wanted to understand me and everything, you know, and the way I like to work. And there’s just great synergy there. A lot of trust. It’s been a difficult journey to get it this far. But yeah, it’s to me two years in, and it was around 18 months ago, we launched. Like you mentioned earlier, the beta, the beta version is essentially like what we call an MVP, minimum viable product.

I’d say the analogy is we built a steam engine, right. So it’s a little bit ugly. And it’s a little bit clunky, and it’s a little bit slow. But it absolutely works. And that was the most important thing. We needed it to perform certain functions by every time, right. And we’ve made massive learnings of that, you know, it’s all about try and get it in front of businesses, real businesses, not just our own, but other people’s businesses as early as possible, get feedback, you know, what works, what doesn’t work, what do people like? And the more of that you get the earliest possible and you know, the much better your product becomes.

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