How to outsource your content writing for your hospitality website

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 320. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to outsource your content writing for your hospitality website.

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We have a roadmap of our website to like we have the blog sections, I have the people, it's just a matter of pulling the trigger and getting in the right blogs. But I definitely need to get on that.

So a good and effective tactic that we used for blog writing is something that you can 100% do because it really helps in a couple of levels. Number one, fresh content. So Google loves fresh content. Number two, you're able to build relationships with it, and I'll explain about that in a second. And number three, you'll be able to drive other people's audiences traffic to your site.

So the way that it works is you will hire a content writer, you can do on Fiverr, or Upwork. pay anywhere between 20 to $100. Per blog, the more you pay, the better content and the quality will be. What you do is you ask for them to create a blog around 500 words, and what you are going to get them to do is you're going to give them a theme. So the theme would be top 10. Places to Visit for your family around Big Bear lakes as an example, or insert town location or where your properties are. So you think of who your customer avatar is your guest profile is who you're looking to attract and speak to. And you put a number to it, it could be anywhere between five 710 1112, whatever it may be. And then what you do is you say right, so go and find me on TripAdvisor or Google or whatever it may be 12 activities, maybe an hour drive max around a cluster of where our properties are, or one of our property. And what I want you to do is go and look on their website looking at TripAdvisor page, go look at their Facebook page, and just find me and just write up bullet points on each one.

Okay, so they'll come back to you, they'll create a little blog post 12 things to do in and around insert location for your family. And what you're going to ask them to do is for each one to have a clickable link to either their social media page or their website, go and grab a picture from one of their social media pages, etc. And then you have this real cool blog put together 500 words. And then what you'll do is you'll go ahead and you'll get that live on your site. And then once it's live, you'll either ask Katie, or the content writer, you can give them a bit of extra money to do this, to reach out and write to every one of those businesses that you featured on your blog. And you can send them a message on LinkedIn, Instagram email and just say, Hey, we featured you on our site. We've got 1000s of guests that come and visit us every year. We've heard about you, our guests have mentioned you so we want to find out more and we put you together on this little blog post that we did. Here's the link enjoy.

And what happens on that is that so you message out 12 people, you'll probably get six people We'll come back to you. Okay, fantastic. I didn't know your business never heard of you. Fantastic, thanks. I'll keep note of your business just in case any of our customers are asking for places to stay in the area. So a building connections building relationships, be, what they'll do is they people love to be talked about. So they'll grab that link, and then they'll throw it up on their social media pages saying Kevin Patria via the hours just fancy. Fantastic. Thank you so much for his blog post. We were featured on a blog post, we love this. Thank you so much. Here's the link to it. So then it'll drive all of our audience to your blog. And however on the blog is like, well, let's go check out his company's all about one of these stunning properties. And then again, it's like well, we're looking for a place to stay and then it drives more people to your site.

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