How to optimise your Airbnb profile page [Live Case Study]

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 126. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I had a case study on how to optimise your Airbnb profile page.

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03:10 Improving the text
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So welcome back to the Boostly podcast. As you will know I am helping Casa4U in Javier to boost their bookings and doing a Boostly tuneup or whatever end up calling it. Yesterday, we had a little look at the listing on Airbnb and we asked all fine-tune in that. But today, what I wanted to do is I wanted to show you the power of the profile. Now the profile, you'd be amazed how many people actually check this out. And what I would stress for everybody to do here is it's really important to get across as soon as possible that you are a business you are a brand you are not just doing this as a hobby.

Improving the text

So this is what it looks like right now. The text, you haven't got an option on this, it has to be bunched together. So you have to make sure that it is as easy to read as possible. So here right now it's very much a lot about them personally, which is cool, you know, nothing wrong with that. But what we want to do, we want to change it to something like this. So we are Casa4U and we are a top-rated property management company in Javier. To learn more about us search for our website. So what this instantly gets the user to do is to want to run a Google search and find out more about them. That for anybody wondering is will lead to a direct booking, then we've got a little bit of personal, which is going to go right here, which is what they had. And then since we live in Javier ourselves, we're always happy to assist you. So that goes to show the user the future potential guests, that they are on site. And they do meet and greets which is great. A large part is one of the big niches of what they do they do the meet and greet is what I love.

The profile picture

Now, the profile picture, you've got one or two options we are testing right now having the logo, but you can also use a real nice picture of the owner to just show that personal touch. It literally is up to you. I feel personally if you've got a strong statement here that you put into the text that you are part, one of the top-rated property management companies have you instantly shows your business so you can get away with a pitcher, but we're going to test both just to see see how it works. So I'm going to go ahead and save that. So when we hit the refresh button, I come down to look at the property. It will eventually update here, okay? which is what we wanted, which is fantastic.

So again what I would love everybody to do, go on in and update your profile and get across that you are a business. Mentioned the business, mention your business brand in the title in your profile, which you easily do by going to the top and clicking on profile and editing.

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