How to keep potential guests coming back for more and how to turn lookers into bookers

lookers into bookers

This new age of the hospitality industry needs innovation to adjust to the needs of the new young clients who are looking for unique experiences. With this demand, how do hospitality businesses ensure that their properties stand out from the rest? Today let us share some tips on how to keep potential guests coming back to your property and how to turn lookers into bookers.

Publish your customer reviews

…online reviews play an important part in a guest’s decision-making process when choosing where to stay, so as hotel operators we need to be accumulating and responding to these reviews and making them readily available online.

Reviews are also a free way to assess how your property is performing. They highlight what’s going well and where improvements can be made.

Happybooking blog believes that online reviews play a significant role in turning lookers into bookers. And I think nobody would disagree with that.

Get a professional photographer

The Live Swell Blog shares ninja tips for converting more lookers into bookers. One of the tips that were shared is hiring a professional vacation rental photographer.

A good real estate photographer is a specialist. They understand how to capture entire rooms (and small spaces) using wide-angles lenses and may have other value added equipment like a drone. They know how to get the correct lighting and edit accordingly as needed. In addition to the required room by room images, they will capture unique amenities, decor and booking magnets which all help to sell the essence of staying at your place.

Reach out to former guests and offer a deal.

The guests who previously stayed at your hotel already know you and how you work. They already trust you and love your property.

IcePortal blog agrees with this tip.

Meanwhile, offering a free service at your hotel’s spa or something of the like can entice travelers to take advantage of your offer and book a room. The money that you lose by offering the deal can be made up down the line as a result of additional rooms being filled.

Most important tip

Make sure to highlight what your properties do best.

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