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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 56. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to get more followers in Clubhouse.

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02:10 About Clubhouse
02:50 How to grow in Clubhouse
03:45 Benefits of using Clubhouse
04:15 How to use Clubhouse
05:15 How can hosts use Clubhouse?

Transcript from the Episode

For those of you who've been living under a rock, there's been this new social media app that's been taking the world by storm. And it has really helped so many people to connect with hosts all over the world. I use it on a regular basis. And I know hosts who were part of Team Boostly use it as well. And I feel that it is a fantastic tool.

How to grow in Clubhouse

How would you get more followers on that? And how could you potentially use it for your hospitality business? Well, number one, to use it for your hospitality business, here's what I would do, I would look to start up a semi regular room, maybe weekly or bi weekly, or even a monthly room on clubhouse where you focus on businesses in your local area. So you could reach out to local businesses and you could explain about clubhouse and how you want to interview them on this platform. Now the cool thing about this is that you're going to be number one showcasing your local area. So it's really important, I said this a lot be our local brand ambassador, focus on showcase a local business and it could be a restaurant things to do to some somebody you like in the local area, then you want to get an attention to. So that's number one, you will be able to bring their audience to us if they've got a big following on social media, they can say Listen, I'm going to be on clubhouse, you can bring your social media following this, I'm going to be on clubhouse. And again, you'll just bring two audiences together, their followers will follow you, your followers will follow them. So it's a win, win win. And again, you're going to do it on a platform that's new, exciting, and everybody can do. And so the cool thing is that so many more people now are getting access to this platform. So many more people now can use it and loving it and engaging in it.

Benefits of using Clubhouse

There are no algorithms, there's no paying for ads or anything like that, it's really easy to use. And again, it's something that is so simple. So that's how you can use it as a host to maybe get bookings.

Now, if you do it on a regular basis, and you keep showing up, that's consistency.

How to use Clubhouse

Number one, you can sit in the audience, you can sit back and just listen. Number two, you know, you can maybe join in the discussion, which is obviously good and is a great way to get any awareness and then number three is running your own room. So that really is how the power is by running your own room being the host being a go-to and you know, I've been playing with this app now since December the 17th. I'm still to meet another British guy who has been using this app before me but I've been playing with it and I've and I really do enjoy it. I've got the systems instruction in place right on not on all the time. For example, it's not on this, which is important. I've got it on my on my iPad when I do use it and I also make sure that I'm using it in the right way. So the people and the rooms that I'm joining, are hospitality related to people that I'm conversion with and following and chatting with a hospitality-related and the partnerships that I've grown has grown substantially because of it because of the partnerships and now the people that were able to speak to.

How can hosts use Clubhouse?

So I'm always thinking, how can you help? How can hosts use it? How can we use it for For Bookings, and the best way, show up consistently start out rooms, focus on your local area, focus on interviewing local businesses, and it's a great platform to build networks. And just to build up a community, you don't have to worry about video, you don't have to worry about all the things is literally just a case of sometimes it's picking up your phone and go public. So if you're not on clubhouse, or if you're just new to clubhouse, and you're not following me, @mrmarksimpson, please go do that. I've got a club called the hospitality community come and join the club. We've passed 700 members now, which is fantastic.

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