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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 20. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about how to get more direct bookings.

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In today's podcast, what I'm going to do is I'm going to share with you a top tip that nobody else is doing right now. And it will help generate your bookings or new leads or new inquiries. today.

Send a text message

All you need to do you to pick up your phone, you're going to send a text message to a guest or a contact, a friend, anybody you're going to type in four little words. Do you know anyone? Do you know anyone that needs new bookings? Do you know anyone that needs their property looking after?

Send it to the people who already know, like and love you. You could send it to 10 people, I guarantee you'll get one person by going yeah, I do actually. And again, what I would always do is dangle that little carrot. So do you know anyone who needs accommodation. By the way, if they end up booking, then I'll send you x y Zed, Amazon vouchers, bottle of wine, couple of beers, even money, cold hard cash. The incentive is the key. And all I ask is that you do that one thing you do about one thing and good things will happen.

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