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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 91. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to get more AirBnb bookings.

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00:30 Secret tip about AirBnb or any channel
01:10 What is a click-bait?
02:20 How to make your social media sticky?

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In this video, I’m going to give you the little secret sauce to not only Airbnb, but, VRBO, Heck, even Google, and Facebook and Instagram and everything how to smash and beat those algorithms. So you can not only come higher up on the search list, but you can also turn lookers in two buckets, this also works for your website, this works for anything, you just got to think of it and use this formula to rinse and repeat everywhere.

Secret tip about AirBnb or any channel

Now, every single channel that you want to rank higher on and get more bookings on, you’ve got to realize that every single one of them whether it’s Airbnb, or Google, they have an algorithm, okay? And as long as you a bay to the algorithm, do what you want that channel to do, then you will reap the benefits. So the first thing that everybody has to realize whether it is your social media channel, your Airbnb listing, or your website, you have got to get the click. This is why YouTube videos with every form of social media that you see, they have a little stat called CTR click-through ratio. Now how can you do this on Airbnb or on a listing site? Well, it’s all about your image. And it’s about your title.

What is a click-bait?

So you may have heard the term clickbait or clickbaity. And you may think that this video to an extent is clickbaity because what I’ve done is I’ve done the research, I have gone on to keyword tracker tools. And I have looked at what hosts are mostly searching for on YouTube and Google. So a lot of people are searching for how can I increase direct bookings with email marketing tactics, but they are searching for how can I get more Airbnb bookings, for example, there are over 9000 more searches every month, and every one.

So what I’ve done is I’ve created a title around a very common type search. And then what I’ve done is I’ve got a real nice image because the images and pictures stand out more than the text. So the image then comes to the wording and then in to get them to click through. So there are loads of other different options to choose from, whether it’s your listing, whether it’s a social media post or a YouTube video, and you get them to click in, then what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to have somebody come on for less than a second and bounce out. Those bounce rates mean everything. And what you don’t want them to do is you don’t want to come on to your listing and then click out and go elsewhere. So how can you get them to be sticky.

How to make your social media sticky?

So the second factor in is is to make your listing to make your social media sticky so they stick around for longer. So first and foremost, make sure that your first six images on Airbnb are absolutely spot on. They go from the USP, the unique selling pitch or as my buddy Sean from Airbnb calls it the hero image. You go from there, and you give people a little walk through your properties you may go from maybe exterior, walking into the front lounge with the really nice view and the TV and then you’ll go to one of the bedrooms and then you’ll go to the living areas and then you know you’re walking people through using the captions to get people to stick you want to keep them sticking on the same then you go into your description.

And again like I’ve explained before, give your business a brand name bullet point everything explain why you’re good maybe pop in a review like Danny from Airbnb automate their air b&b, optimize your Airbnb is on and talks about putting like grabbing a review and copy and paste it in a text, get them to read down and Airbnb don’t share their algorithm with many people and like tactics and tips, etc, and how to get higher. But one of the key aspects is to get your property on the wish list. If you can get your property on so many wish lists, then you will get a bump in the algorithm. And you know, the ultimate goal is somebody who goes on your Airbnb listing and make a booking. So the conversion of being on the list into making a booking.

So again, get the reviews on there, get the nice pictures, you know, floor plans, etc. And the ultimate thing is to make an action. Now, obviously, if somebody comes onto your listing, and you took this advice before about getting them to go on to Google, then what you want them to do is you want to keep reading down come to your bio. And if they run a Google search, that’s fantastic because again and direct, but by simply knocking off the two main ones, which is click through and being sticky. Airbnb will start to realize that you could also intrigue people by saying Save as a wash, watch list. You know, if you’re not going to book Save as watching some contractors at another time, get listed on that watch list. But this is what we want people to do. And again, if you look at it with social media with your Google, if you look at your website, once somebody lands on your website, you want them to stick around on that.

The worst thing that Google Airbnb, Facebook, YouTube, want someone to stick around for the duration. They don’t want somebody to come on, fall for clickbait and click off straight away. That is the worst thing. So this is the key, making sure that your images are good. Your description is fantastic. And you’re always getting somebody to keep scrolling down and reading more. And if they’re not going to make a booking, what sort of action they can do, whether it’s a watch list on Airbnb, we talked about it before signing up to your email list, it’s on your website, or can I do some else?

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