How to get hundreds of new visitors to your website for less than $40 (Non spammy)

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 336. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to get hundreds of new visitors to your website for less than $40.

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Transcript from the Episode

Welcome back to a very special episode of the Boostly tune-up and in this series, I am working with a handful of hosts tune up their business. And if you are wanting to apply, it's too late, I'm afraid now, I've been talking about it a while. But now we are fully booked. I am fully booked. I've got plenty of work on. And I'm really excited to be working with the hosts that chose to go for it. So anyway, in this little tuneup series, what I am doing is I'm taking an overview look, host and a business, and I am seeing where they could do with some help and helping them do so.

About Sterling Stays

And this one business, Sterling stays down in a beautiful area of Tetbury, in the UK. They wanted a little bit of help with blog, she said, Mark, should I be writing a blog? Should I be having a blog on my website will it have any benefit to SEO or visitors or anything like that. And I said yes, but you shouldn't be doing it, which was met with a blank look. So I said, Listen, this is what we need to do, you need to learn the power of outsourcing. And there's a definite way to create a very effective blog, and to build relationships. And at the same time, you can just rely on the expertise of somebody else. And I want to show you exactly what you can do. Because it's a really simple method to approach just as you've never known invest, because you know, you don't know what you don't know. Hence why this series is so cool. And I'm loving it. And I'm really liking your feedback as well.

What we will do

So there are two things that we're going to go through in this today's very, very, very exciting, exclusive, all of the words, daily Boostly, we're gonna go through how to create a blog, what you should be writing in it, on the third side, how to find somebody to do it for you. So let's get started. I'm gonna share my screen. Now, if you're listening to this on the audio version, whether you know you're in the car, at home on your Alexa or your Google Play or anything like that, and you want to see the video version, come over to YouTube, or just go to, find today's episode. And then you can see the written blog and the video and audio as well.

What should you write for your blog?

Now what you're going to do is you're not going to write about how good you are, or about how good your services are x, y and Zed, what you're going to do instead is you're going to talk about things to do or places in your local area or your county, around your niche and your guest avatar. So for example, if you are a family-friendly property, or let's just say if you are good for workcations, people coming on business, etc, then say your family-friendly, let's go down that route, you will create a blog and you will talk about places to go places to eat places to drink places to visit based around family-friendly. So what you're going to do, I recommend getting between three, and five of your favourite local places. And let's focus it around one thing, so let's say eating.

So I would think about when me and my family in my local area when we want to go have something to eat, where is the place that we love. And it could be one where it's a friend's place, it could be one where it's just a business that you like, or it could be just a random place, it's totally up to you. What I would do is, I would go and find those three to five places, go find their websites, maybe go find a TripAdvisor page, maybe go find a Facebook page or something like that. And what you can do is you're going to get a list of them. So let's just say it's top three favourite things to eat in name of place. Okay, that's going to be the title of the blog, then you're going to write down your three favourite places.

So instantly, obviously Google have got their recommendations, you've got TripAdvisor, etc. So if you're you don't know anywhere, or you don't know anywhere around your niche, just go on Google or look, go look on TripAdvisor, etc. And we're gonna do you're gonna make a note.

This is what the blog is going to be around. Okay, now park that for one second, because what we're going to do now is we're gonna find somebody to write for you. And there's a fantastic resource on the internet. And it's called Fiverr. And all I have done, I found three different people.

All I have done to find these people is I've typed in content writer blog writer in here. And I've filtered down the results based on who I want to be writing the blogs. So if I want somebody English, I would tap English if I want Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, etc, etc, etc. So I'm going to type English, select the article topic. So I went for lifestyle.

And I also as well speaks English, you've got top-rated level two, level one new salad. Now it all depends on your budget on where you want to go, I always like to fit in between level one and level two. They live in the United Kingdom, because it definitely helps when they're writing a blog, because they will be able to know more about the area. Now if you're in France or Germany or find somebody who's based in France or Germany, that's a given. Budget wise, you know, I don't like to go anything more than 30 pounds, I wouldn't be going anything under 10 pounds, because what we're going to do is what we're going to ask of them is not normal.

And service options. Again, topic, you've got travel and hospitality, lifestyle. And let's do food and beverage. Okay.

Everything else is fine, hit Apply. So again, you've got all these people that come up, there are 111. So what you can do is you can filter it down one more time, if you want it to, you can take out the level two because it goes top rated level one level two new seller.

So we put the budget in a 30 pounds. And so we're left with 47 people. Now you can go with the first one there's given you or you can have a little look at maybe the top four, but I won't go more further than that. And what you're going to do, let's just say this is the person that we want it to go for,

You will see that there are three different levels, basic standard premium, so I'd always go and just read what they do, I would always go and just have a little look at their reviews, etc. And then you've got here basic standard premium. So basic is where they're right up to 250 words. Standard is where we're at right up to 500 words and premiums were that right up to 1000. my honest opinion up to 500 is perfect, you may want a little bit more go premium. But again, it's only seven pounds in the difference, it really is not that much. So they do the topic research, and they do the writing. Okay.

Now, what I would then do is I would reach out to the seller, and I would just explain the blog that you want them to do. And you will, I like to record a Loom just like what we're doing now, I'm recording my screen and I'm talking through it. If you want to, you can just send them this video, because what you're going to do is you're going to show them the title, which is Top three family-friendly places to eat, you will give them your three recommendations.

And then you would like them to create a blog around it. So you'll have a nice little intro to the businesses and then you'd have a little conclusion at the bottom. And what you would ask them to do is to make sure that you link off to each of their websites or TripAdvisor pages, etc. In the article. So they will go away. And they will take whatever at a time couple of days to write their blog and they'll send it to you, we'll send it to you, you'll have a proof check, say yep, good to go. Or can you make these changes, and then they will send you the final copy, then all you need to do is copy it, paste it into the blog section of your website, and you can publish it.

Now if you want to. And if you want to go a step further, you could ask the content writer, if they are comfortable with WordPress or websites and to add the blog to your website for you maybe give them an extra 10-20 pounds, so just saves you on time. Just say you'd like some images. It'd be really good if they have a general idea of how SEO works if we could put in a couple of tag words and they can do all of the things. If you haven't got that budget, but you want to do it yourself. That's fine.

Reach out to the businesses

Once the blog is live, what you're going to then do is you're going to reach out to whoever you feature. And you can either email them, message them on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Give them a call or just pop in, especially if you know him. Fantastic. If you don't know him, and you've just been there quite a lot in your regular, when you can just send him a message to say, Hey, you know, it's Jody from Sterling stays, just wanted to let you know that you may not know this about me, but we have 1000 plus guests come on visitors a year, what we're wanting to do is to send to more of our recommended places. Because it's something that our customers are always asking, Where should we go. And just to let you know, we featured you on our blog, here's a link to it. Please feel free, share it around on your social media. Let me know if you want to add anything. And by the way, if you've got any discounts, exclusive discounts for our guests, let me know and I'll make sure I put it into the blog, you do that three or four times, a couple of things will happen. Number one, the business owner will see that and business owners have been talking about it's free pr at the end of the day, especially when it's in a positive light. So they'll see that they're more likely to share it on their social media is no face, share it on their social media is fantastic, because you're going to get a whole new audience come onto your website that have never heard of you before.

Secondly, the business owner may reach out to you and say Jodie Foster fantastic. You know, please feel free. If you've got any leaflets or anything, come and add it, we'll put it in our restaurant somewhere. So if anybody's traveling to the area needs a place to stay, we can recommend you. And also as well, if they give you a discount and exclusive discount, then your guests are going to be happy as well. Because then you can start to mention this, you can do it in your house fully guidebook or your touch day guidebook. Or you can even create a cool little map of your local area and just start to put in all the places that are going to give you a discount exclusive discount for your guests or enhances that guest experience better reviews. And you'll start to build these relationships.

So whoever it may be, say that they've got a friend of a friend who's coming into town and they haven't got a place to stay. Because you've reached out and you've spoken about and you start to build those relationships, they will start to recommend you starting to become the go-to. So for less than 30 pounds, you build in relationship, you've got a blog on your website. So the SEO and Google loves that. And again, your guests are happy, you're building relationships, and it's all good. But you don't stop there. So once you've done this one, then next month, you could hire the same person, again, if they've done a good job. And you could say, Okay, so this time, instead of it being top 500 places to eat, how about to visit, and you would repeat the same thing, you've just done the exact same thing three to five, you may want to go for a premium option, whatever you may want to be if that person you didn't hire you hired last time wasn't the best. How about you reach out to another person on Fiverr. As you can see, just from that very vague search, I had 47 people I could get in contact with, you can easily pick somebody else, but you've got a constant flow. Now if you do that, every month, once a month for a year, your blog will be firing your SEO, we found you'll be building all these lovely relationships. And all it cost is a 40-pound blog.

And that is how you drive a ton of traffic to your website for a little money and building relationships at the same time. This is one of many, many, many tips that I can show you.

Thank you so much for sticking by for this one. It's a little bit longer than my normal, short videos. But I think it's important. And it's something that I've been explaining to a lot of people, not just Jodi, but a lot of people recently. And I realized that I haven't got an up to date version on the YouTube or on the socials. So this is it. This is part of my daily podcast.

If this is the first time that you're coming across Boostly and you're discovering what we're doing every single day I show up in 2021. With a podcast to help you help hosts just like you get the tools or tactics or training and the confidence. And if you want more of this, then all you need to do is go to There are over 80 hours of this content as a full community of hosts just like you over 700 hosts just like you are wanting to increase direct bookings not have to rely on Airbnb. It's a one-time fee to join. A very low cost is the equivalent of one-week long booking. And I'm excited to see you on the other side. Thank you very much. I'll be back tomorrow. As always, please make sure you share this video. You like it, you download it, you subscribe, tell the world about it, share in a Facebook group, share it with your friends. Just Let's spread the word around to more hosts that there is help out there. Thank you so much and I will be back tomorrow.


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