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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 331. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to get free influencer marketing.

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The title is very click baity and I know that there's a lot of you who are watching or listening to this daily podcasting can tell me the story how can I get free influencer marketing that could drive hundreds 1000s if not millions of people to my brand. And before we go into this topic, it's something that I've talked about before in something that I encourage you to do and it's something that is going to be even more important as we come into 2022 and I'll explain why in a second.

Influencer marketing

Now a lot of you may be already doing this. And I've seen so many cool little Instagram pictures of you doing this already. But just imagine if you go and stay at a property, say that you're going for a vacation. Maybe it's a rural experience. saver, you stand on a campsite, you walk into the glamping property, whether it's a yurts or wherever it's a teepee, or it's a cabin or whatever it may be, and you walk in. And there's a big Blackboard, and on on the blackboard in chalk, it says welcome Mr. Mrs. Simpson, or Mr. yourname, personalize it even more welcome your name. That instantly makes you feel fantastic that the level of personalization is something that took less than a minute to write on on the on the blackboard, the chalkboard, and it already makes you feel cool.

I remember when we went on a family vacation to Alton Towers in Alton Towers center parks. For those of you not in the UK in an art center parks is it's a fantastic place. Mostly sitting in a rural woodland location in the United Kingdom. you park your car. And then that's the last time you see your car for you 4-7 days a year. Therefore, I remember walking into our cabin, our place that we're going to stay in for the next week. And on the job they did exactly that. Welcome Mr. Mrs. Simpson, welcome to Simpsons, I hope you have a fantastic holiday that personalization, the first thing that we wanted to do was take a picture of it and post it on our social media.

That's the first thing that my wife wanted to do. And this is before you know, she was started becoming an influencer and a blogger and, and all that sort of cool things. And by doing the personalization, it makes people want to share their experience even more. So I always say this, and you never should disregard the sociability of the people that are staying with you.

I have been into places doing little mini audits, mini reviews, and I've gone to look at the Instagram and I've gone to look at the tag. And people are taking pictures at your property that have got off at least 20,30 40,000 followers. They've got a real built up small little niche of followers through their blogging or pictures or social media. And this can be somebody that could be just an 18 year old, it could be somebody that is in their 20s 30s 40s 50s You name it, anybody can have a social media presence now and they can build a community around a topic.

So by going out of your way, just doing something very little and minute as on a chalkboard saying, welcome, Mr. Mrs. Simpson, I welcome the Simpsons. You know, that's everything. And I always bring you back to a story that I remember from Heather Bayer, who has got a fantastic podcast, you should definitely go and check her out. We're talking about something very similar to this. And when she had a family come and stay one of her Lake side locations.

She did a little pre-stay survey you know, ask the question, What do you come in to stay with us for what is the reason for your visit. And then the mom said that their eight year old was learning to fish and was really looking forward to just sitting at the dock and having a couple of hours just to fish every day. So she passed the message onto the housekeeping team. I think even she was housekeeping at this time since before she grew and scaled and she just on the way to clean in a cottage going to clean the lakeside property. She stopped off at the Bait and Tackle shop on the way spend $10 getting a few little bits and bobs, left it in the garbage I left it in the property somewhere in a property with a little note on it say in to insert name of child have a great vacation ever and all the team and that Five minutes out of Her day to go into it resulted in that family coming back every single year to that property. We're talking 1000 2000 5000 $10,000 book and over the course of its lifetime, just from a little $15 purchase, and a 500 grand out your time to go into it. That's a huge return of investment in personalization. And not only that, the word of mouth, the offline word of mouth, the offline influence that that guest gave to other people definitely resulted in further bookings.

And that's just two stories. That's not even talking about the ones at the top of my head of what we did at the Grainary and you will also have the stories as well.

So this is where I pass the podcast to you like I always like to do in the comments below. Just let me know, when you did something personalized and the benefits that you had on the back of it, what are you doing to give your guests that personalization. And this is one of the best, best best ways of making sure that your brand is visible. talkable instagrammable personalizable.

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