How Steven Bartlett Impacted me with this ONE message

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 318. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how Steven Bartlett impacted me with this ONE message.

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Transcript from the Episode

For years now, I have known of Steven Bartlett and social chain, but I've never really dug into this story, I always thought he'd be somebody that I wouldn't be interested in somebody I didn't really like. And that was such a wrong assumption of me, you should never assume.

So anyway, a video of his diary of a CEO popped up on my YouTube feed, and I thought, you know what, I'm going to check it out. It was an interview that he did with Liam Payne of One Direction boyband, I really enjoyed it. And so I thought, you know what, I'm going to go down the Steven Bartlett, rabbit hole. And I went right back to day number one of his daily vlogs, when he used to do daily vlogs, back in 2017, and I just consumed so many, it's been in my downloaded list on YouTube. And I pretty much watched every episode, I know everything about social chain, and I've got the audio book, How to be a sexy millionaire, which is very tongue in cheek lined up on Audible ready to go.

Social chain story

And there is one example from the story of social chain right at the very beginning. And what they did with an app that has given me some ideas of how you as a host, could be using it to promote and get room sold heads on beds for your hospitality business.

So right at the very start he and his business partner, they were approached by the makers of an app called tippity. And what they agreed was to do a revenue share. And they wanted it to go trending to go viral and get loads of people to download it.

I don't know if you remember it. But have you played it very annoying, very addictive, little app. Without the help of social chain, it would have gone nowhere. But it got very visible very quickly. And the marketing that they used to promote this app was very clever. And it worked. Social chain had access to tons of social media accounts that had 1000s if not millions of followers. And it stemmed and ranged from anywhere between like 13-14 to 20 years old and more around loads of niches, including one which was a Harry Potter based one, one which was British memes, etc, etc.

So anyway, they went on to these accounts, these Twitter accounts and Facebook groups, whatever it may be saying, Do not download or play this app because it will be addictive, it will take time out of your day, you will hate it because it will just it will suck the time out, they created a FOMO aspect.

The end result was that they had more downloads in that little week. Then Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, you name it, whatever is bigger and back in 2013 14 when they did this. And it really is genius by telling somebody not to do something, you tap into the human psyche where they go, you can't tell me to do that. I'm going to do it. And it was one of the reasons not the only reason but one of the reasons why this app was so successful. And so it got me thinking well how can I was the house and as we know FOMO fear of missing out works really well when it comes to pushing somebody over the edge when it comes to get somebody off the fence.

How you can use this marketing message

So number one, you could apply or deploy a similar message you could send an email out which is you know, you do not want to stay here. You will have an amazing time here. You will get the best rest and the best night's sleep that you have ever had. Your kids will have the best time your kids will not want to come home Do not come here Your kids will not want to go home. Do not come here do not stay with us. You will you will have the best breakfast. Do not stay with us. You will never want to leave insert town or say your name. You will never want to go abroad or somewhere else you will want to come here forever. You'll be addicted. You want to come instead of us every single week month, something along those lines. Try it email, social media posts or social media posts and see what your action is like.

I'm thinking of how I can do this for Boostly in an email and a marketing message I've got coming up and I employ or deploy or encourage you to do something similar. So give it a go. I have got any templates or anything to share with you is literally just an idea that came into my mind before hitting record. So I would love for you to give it a go and share with me your results.

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