How Ryan Luke Got Started in Hospitality

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 407. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how Ryan Luke got started in hospitality.

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Welcome back to the Boostly podcast. In this episode, I am delving into the back office, so to speak, delving into the records. And what I wanted to do is I wanted to go in and I wanted to find some of the best bits from the clubhouse rooms that we have done this year. Now you may remember that at the start of 2020 clubhouse was this new social media app that everybody was raving about. And I was very fortunate to be a part of some fantastic rooms, 24 hour rooms where we had hosts from all over the world, jump in, share their story, share their journey, share tactics and tips. And it was amazing, I got to, I got to virtually meet some amazing people. And since on the back of I have met them in person. And what I wanted to do in today's episode was just go in and recap on some of those episodes.

So today, today's interview is with Ryan Luke's, he shared his journey on how he got started. In New Castle, he has now grown his brand to be a worldwide organization, which is fantastic. He is about to embark on a franchise journey and is about to go even further afield and set up in Dubai as well as Portugal and elsewhere. But here is how he got started.

About Ryan Luke

I went for a coffee with a friend he told me he was renting out his apartment on this thing called Air b&b. Obviously I asked him a few more questions about it. But long story short, I was in IKEA A few hours later. And then I had a truck full of furniture and spent pretty much the night putting it all together. So took some photographs, put it on Airbnb didn't even really know what I was gonna do next and had like three and a half grands worth of bookings in five days. And I guess that was the drug for me and I was hooked. So I then had a couple of other properties that were going through conveyancing and when they came to completion, I just decided to run them as well, even though there were no any a town in one of the rougher areas of Newcastle. And when I told people I had them there, they're almost like your what? And, again, bookings just kept streaming. And so i then just kind of kicked on from there really in a bit like, you know, you start poking around and getting requests from people and then you just decide to Okay, yeah, I can do that. And yeah, I can look at that.

And then I kind of fell into rent rent by accident. Had a, I noticed there was a company kept booking through And I was getting really annoyed that I was having to pay obviously in percent commission. So I rang them up and more to just say, Can you please book with me and stop booking through And lo and behold, they needed about another 16 beds or something for eight months. So I went and acquired five, rent to rent properties in 10 days to fulfill that book and, and then someone said, Oh, that's rent to rent. So I went and googled what rent to rent was. And sure enough, I'd sort of done it by mistake and, and then I realized how easy it was to pick up other people's properties. So I went a bit helpful either way that anyone that knows me knows that when I get the book for something, I go all in, whether that's business, Sport, Fitness, family, friends, whatever it is how you know, I go all in. So that's what I did and then off the back of that I got a phone call about six months later, as I built in, you know, build a portfolio of news and mentor and I got a phone call of a friend then I've got a guy who's got a block of apartments, he needs some help because the current management companies let him down. Do you do management? I'll say Well, yeah. So I, you know, you're not going to turn down an opportunity. I've got the systems and processes in place. I don't see why it's any different. So and that started my management journey.


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