How Julie George Became the Million Dollar Host

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 410. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how Julie George became the million dollar Host.

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One of my favourite humans that I've got to know over the course of 2021 is Miss Julie George, based over in Australia, she has taken the clubhouse up by storm. And if anybody has been in a room with her over the course of this year, you will know what I mean. I have said this to her face. I have said this to many people that Netflix needs to have a Julie George show in Australia, I think she will be fantastic for it. And you are about to find out why. So this little clip is a little section all about Julia how she got started in real estate, hospitality, property management, whatever you want to call it, please do go check out her book million dollar host. She is part of the overnight success legends X coaching team, which is another thing I recommend you all go check out. But this is a small little segment of what was a massive 24 hour room. Again, I'm just sharing some of my highlights from this year. And this is a little peek into it. So again, thank you so much to everyone that played a part of it. If you were part of any of the rooms, please show Julie a little bit of love in the comment section. And yeah, I will be back tomorrow with another podcast episode. But now you're going to hear from the number one Julie George.

About Julie George

Good morning, everybody. It's 6am in Australia, so bright and early. But I can tell you the future is looking bright. And I hope that everybody's done their stretches, ready for this marathon. And let me be the very first to say this is the only marathon you'll ever see me run. I'm only ever caught running if somebody is chasing me. So guys, fabulous to be here. My journey and claim to fame is a full 360 circle with Airbnb.

So back in 2016. I'm going to give you the preferred view. I had a one bedroom apartment that I had a long term tenant in it. Now this is a property I owned. And I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about with Airbnb. So when this tenant moved out, I decided to furnish it, put some linen in connect the Wi Fi. Within hours, I think I had my first booking within days I had my first guest, I went from $240 per week. So we're talking weekly rates in Australia 240 to $600. And that's when my lightbulb moment went off. I thought wow, I'm making great money. I'm meeting great people. And I'm having a fabulous time doing it. I was working as a real estate agent at the time sitting working in a flat market open homes, I was dealing with property investors having to sell low in a very depressed market or put a long term tenant in which they weren't too thrilled about because that wasn't a great option.

Then I guess the really the clincher came for me. Property Investor looking for positive cash flow property came to me and said, How do I get one? What do I do? I said let's create one. Let's go out find a property that you would like to buy and vacation in yourself. So she did so I sold that to her income stream number one. She said I need to get it furnished and I said well I can do that. I can go after work. I can go to Kmart, I can put the flat-pack furniture together. But I charged her a fee, income stream number two.

And then I suggested to her that she should do the same as what I had just done with Airbnb. So I'll manage that process for you, income stream number three. That process works so beautifully that within six months she had contacted me to ask me to go out and do it all again. And I had purchased her a second property, put it all together, furnished it or said managed it for her look, that was the start of a hosting company that I came up with hosts my home within two and a half years I was managing 130 properties $8 million in income on Airbnb had written a best selling book about it called Million Dollar host but then also got a tap on the shoulder to sell my business.

So guys, as we're talking today about building a business in Airbnb, short term rentals, you are building a saleable asset. Be very clear about that saleable asset. If you have a bond with the arbitrage model, putting your contracts and your leases in an LLC will mean that you can sell that business in the future.


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