How J Massey is experimenting with NFTs to get more direct bookings for his Hospitality business

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 144. This is a recap of my Facebook live where J Massey shares how he is experimenting with NFTs to get more direct bookings for his Hospitality business.

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02:50 What the past 6 months of J Masey's business looks like

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The best strategy is always that you're going to do the most consistently. So that is in and of itself the answer. So I can say something. But that doesn't necessarily mean that that's going to work for you. However, we are in the process of building in some leveraging some NFT's to be able to help us with extending our reach not only into the crypto space for the reservations but also from a referral and loyalty program component. So that is definitely the thing I'm the most excited about today.

What the past 6 months of J Masey's business looks like

So as many of you are aware, or may have heard, there was an incident out in Minneapolis last year, and that incident with Mr. Floyd and his family rocked me to the core, to the point where I just could not be I didn't feel positive. It just felt wrong. I just could not do with any content production. I tell people I lost my voice. That's how I feel about it. I lost my voice. And it's actually because of Clubhouse that helped me find it again, if you will, because I there was just it was like Why? Why put out the content. Why keep? Why do I keep doing this? Especially because I don't have to. I mean, you guys know when you're running a short term rental business. It's not like you have to also put out content and make those commitments to individuals. And it's the spark that has been rejuvenated is amazing because I was able to connect with individuals on Clubhouse in this case who were there when I first started the podcast way back in 2013. And they told me so and they just continually just told me what the impact was and how it changed in and now having while still being in the short term rental space we've actually worked with and housed some of our students have housed some of the Floyds and they're in the family and I've gotten to speak to them. And there's just well there's just more to do now. Right? And so during the 2020 part of what was also necessary because of the pandemic, and the way that it hit us, especially on the west coast of the United States, is I had to literally rebuild the company, there's literally only one person outside of myself, who's been here more than a year. So I had to go put an entire new company together simultaneously with figuring out the new marketing strategies while trying to deal with you know, my own emotions and just the impact of what happened has had just on my everyday trip to the grocery store or thought process around friends and family and those that know me. It took a lot of pour being poured into, I guess, is the best way of saying it. In order for me to go, You know what? Okay, it's time to get back and do and continue what we started because it is it was and will continue to make a difference. So that's, that's basically what happened now simultaneous to that or concurrently, I should say, getting on clubhouse put me in front of a lot of the right people from a real estate standpoint. So right now we're opening up escrow, hopefully today on a 12 unit building in DC, that's the $7 million deal. And then there's a hotel in Louisiana, that's a well when it's all said and done, it'll be about $6 million total in value. And then there's another property in Long Beach, and that's about $3.5 million, all in a very short span of time. And we have doubled, I think the number of students in individuals that we are working with, at this time as well. So it is a massive amount of growth. In fact, we are negotiating with some larger landlords now looking for 40 local 40 units at a time. So we've got a massive amount of furniture, moving the ball around the country. And we're just moving at very fast speeds, and hiring people and doing our best to show individuals that here's the path of how you can go from squatting a bank on a property to seven figures. We've had a number of people do that now in less than 12 months. And that's exciting. And we want to keep that going because I strongly believe that this year is going to be the year where we have more people hit seven figures in one year than we've had combined in all of our priors.

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