How instagram algorithm works for hospitality businesses

instagram algorith

Every now and then, Instagram algorithm changes, and it affects everyone who uses it, including all business profiles.

And each time Instagram changes it, many people have become curious about it, and it has become a vast mystery.

But how can you ensure that you are doing what’s right for your hospitality business to fine-tune your Instagram?

In this article, we have tried to gather the most updated information about the Instagram algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm analyses how much you care about a post

Instagram is fantastic because when you like a post, it will automatically give you posts on your feed that are related to the posts that you recently likes.

According to Lexie Carbone of the Later blog, “The more they think you’ll ‘like’ that post, the higher it appears in your feed. This is based on ‘past behaviour on similar content and potentially machine vision analysing the actual content of the post.'”

The Instagram algorithm cares how you step up your photo quality

Who doesn’t like to see good quality photos on their Instagram feed?

Bold colors. Breathtaking landscapes. The sort of stuff that gets people to stop in their tracks and smash “Like.”

Brent Barnhart of SproutSocial blog believes these are some essential characteristics of a good quality photo.

The Instagram algorithm watches how you engage and communicate with your followers

If you comment or are even tagged in someone’s posts often, then there is a higher chance that you will be placed in that individuals “friends and family” category.

This is according to Dani in her article How to beat the 2019 Instagram Algorithm & Grow.


The importance of building relationships

Aside from these techniques that you can do, I also believe that it is essential that hospitality businesses focus on relationship-building with all of their followers, whether on social media or not.

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