How I am able to get a full days worth of work done in just four hours

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 348. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how I am able to get a full days worth of work done in just four hours.

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01:30 Life as a business owner
03:30 Structure with discipline
06:10 Something that I learned

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Life as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, whatever you want to call it is very much like a roller coaster one minute, like amazing, all my properties are full, you know, I've just got a really big six grand block and rock coming in. I've got all these properties about to come on board. And then the next one, it's like, oh, shit, I've got all these properties coming on board, my calendar is not looking the best, I literally haven't got a clue on x, y. And Zed. It's like it's out now is really important. And I had that myself, I had a very like anxious moment just a couple of days ago. But I but by taking a minute to jot down a gratitude, put a little plan together, it does help definitely keep you grounded. So you don't just literally go off the rails.

All that being said, and all that that I am doing. It just means that when I do come to work in those four hours, every single day is laid out, I know exactly what I'm doing on each day. And I mean I can get what most can get done in a eight hour day in four hours.

Structure with discipline

I combine structure with discipline. So right now, there are no notifications on my MacBook at all I've got Do Not Disturb mode on it's on all the time. And all notifications are turned off. So there's no little shiny object syndrome on my phone. Again, all notifications are turned off, the only notification is turned on is when my wife messages me. Everything is going on and things are happening. But I check it on my own time. And I couple that with the Pomodoro Technique. So when I've got some deep work that I need to get done, whether it is writing the book, or whatever it is x y Zed, I set a timer for 25 minutes. So I do 25 minutes on and it's a five-minute break. So I'll just go sit down, quick, fresh air outside or whatever it may be. And by doing that, I don't get you know, exhausted or mental fatigue or anything so it's a combination of those things. And it really does help mean that you can just get a lot of work done

I think that's a very common theme of a lot of people that I admire and read and watch etc. Noah Kagan is somebody who does exactly that is the founder of app Sumo. King Sumo. He's a very successful business owner based out of Texas. He does exactly that. I was so fortunate last year with the lockdown he agreed to come on my podcast is somebody that I followed for so many years and he's very, very successful business owner but again lockdown made it really easy to get a hold of people that are otherwise unattainable. And he does that and again, I totally agree with it and I think to add transparency and to add a little bookmark in here and this is very much going to be sitting on a fence but it's whatever works best for you.

Something that I learned

There is no quick fix there is no roadmap to success there is no do this do that do this we can I can you come with the podcast and talking to a co host and I can show things that work and you know I try and give tons of information and just hope that one thing sticks because for one person it may be social media. For one person they may prefer to do blogging for one person they may prefer to do vlogging do videos one person they may prefer to do email marketing or work with influencers or x y&z But the trick is to do something, be proactive.

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