How does Instagram Algorithm’s work?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 37. This is a recap of my interview with Chris Taylor and we talked about Instagram's algorithm.

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I'll talk about numbers, and then we'll go into, like how we can actually take advantage of it. So Facebook pages, Facebook profiles work in very, very similar ways. So on average, your content will reach around about two to 3% of your online audience at that particular time. Now, what happens is with the Facebook algorithm, it's the same with the Instagram algorithm is the more likes, the more comments the more shares you get. And the more then decides whether it's worth opening up to more and more people that are currently liking your page or following your profile.

Instagram algorithm

Now, if nobody does engage with it, and again, this happens a lot, it will just cut it off dead and they won't show it to anybody. So when you hear that posting times important, that is 100% correct, because you want to be posting when the majority of your audience or the most common times when your audience is online at the most time. Now Instagram, the percentage is around eight or 9%. However, I will tell you it is reducing like with the way that it's with the way that it's working right now, since Facebook acquired Instagram, they are moving towards more to the pay to play model. So I reckon probably by this time next year, organic reach would be around about four or 5%. So it will reduce because they want to bring paid advertising to the forefront.

Instagram's Business Account

Now again, Instagram works in the same way, every like every comment, every save and every share that you get, you will have a bigger opportunity to expand your impressions and reach. So if you are not currently a business profile on Instagram, I would highly suggest that you change to it. Now to change, it's completely free. You go onto your Instagram profile, click Settings, and this has been recorded. So I'm assuming you could watch this back at some point as well. We go into your settings go into your account settings. And if you scroll to the bottom, it says switch to professional account. Once you switch to that you get access to what's called Instagram insights. And that information there is really, really powerful because what you want to be looking at is your overall reach and overall impressions that you're getting.

Now, when you're actually looking to conquer the algorithms people will say online, or you want to be doing is posting at the time when Instagram insights tells you is the best time to vote. So follow that data. And most likely will say between 7:30 and 8:30pm normally tends to be the way that it works tends to be when people tend to be ignoring their partners and scrolling through their phones these days. The way that it works is you want to be getting when your post goes live, it goes to 8% or 9% of your online audience at that particular time. Now the more likes and more comments and the more shares that you get, the more reach you will get also.

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