How do I measure if my website is working?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 64. This is a recap of my Hostfully interview where I talked about how to know if your website is working.

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There's only one metric to track. It's a simple one. And it's so obvious it's it's literally how many bookings you have. I mean, that is very bland a silly answer. But you know you There are many tools out there that will help you figure out if your website is is working or not the number one and the free. One is Google Analytics. So many people have access to Google Analytics, every Boostly website gets set up with Google Analytics built in. And a simple way of looking at it is that number one, it tells you how many people are coming to your website. Number two, it tells you which pages they're going to on your website. Number three, it will tell you where people are leaving your website. And the final one, it will tell you which websites are bringing traffic to your website.

More tools for your website

It's free tool that Google gives you. If you want a little bit more in-depth, there's two other ones that I recommend CrazyEgg. It records your users on your website. And it records the screen. So it will show you exactly where everybody goes on your website. It's a lovely tool. I've used it for Boostly for years. Every Monday I geek out, I put aside 30 minutes, and I just watch where people are going on the website. So it helps me to know where they scroll where they start, where they click where they don't click do, I have to make things a little bit different. I mean, you don't have to go to that extent, but I love geeking out on new sort of things.

But another one, and a more simple one is So you pay 50 to $100. And it's like Airbnb, but for users. And what you do is you put your parameters, you say build it around your customer avatar. So be like I would like a 34 to 44 year old mom of three children who are based in America, who has got this income coming in the A's, x, y and Zed to come on to my website, scroll it and I will set a task for them to do so it could be I want you to land on the website, go and find out this property and then make a booking. And then what happens is that they will go for that database. So we'll get some people for you, you'll pick one, that person will then record their screen and I'll talk you through everything. So they don't know you. And that is literally going to walk you through on your website, what you're doing well and not doing well. And again, you can hire one person, you can hire three, I like to hire five because then you've got an odd number. And you can get a real good inclination after those five people where your website needs improving.

So again, those tools are really good. Both of them is a minimal investment. And again, every time we do something really big on Boostly, like create a new template, or do x y Zed, I always go on to user testing because it's fantastic feedback from people who literally do not know me do not care about Boostly in any way, shape, or form. And they're just giving me their honest, honest feedback on these things. And again, I used to do it for the Grainary and everybody as well.

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