How Crazy Egg will help you track how effective your website is

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 322. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how Crazy Egg will help you track how effective your website is.

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We've started to make improvements. So we've just been given access to Guesty's new API features, which will mean the process becomes even better. So again, I think it's a combination of a couple of things.

Number one, we need to get more people to decide, which is obvious, which we're going to give you those tools to do so. And what we need to do is when we need to start to do something to be able to see how people engage with your site.

About Crazy Egg

I don't know if you've ever heard of or used Crazy Egg or hot jar before. This is something that I want you to go and check out. Now you can speak to your digital marketing person, she may know this or not, but it's Okay, what you can do with this website is that it will track everybody that comes onto your website, and it will show you exactly how they interact with it. So it takes screengrabs, it records the screen, and it shows you how they're interacting with it. Which is really good insight. Because, again, if I just come onto the site here, right now, you may find that, you know, 100 people visit the site, and that they instantly scroll down, you know, or you find that they come to the site, and they click on special offers, or they click on here, you know, and it will show you on this video how we're interacting with it because it tells you as well, you can filter it down.

So it says like Kevin, this user came onto your site using an Android phone, or they visited you using an Apple iPhone or on an iPad and this is how we interacted with it, you'll get a real good indication because then what you can do with it or the digital marketing lady, whoever's here is going to do is can go Okay, so what we're discovering is that loads of people aren't even coming to this section, or loads, people aren't even like clicking, you know, x y, Zed. What can we do to fix that? And you can send that, you know, you can come back to us and say, right, you know, we're not going anywhere. There's going left, right and centre. But that's where a service like crazy I can again, it's only like 20 $30 for a month, you can test it, you can literally use it for one month, two months. And it's fantastic. I use it on Boostly. And whenever we create a new style site, I use it on there to test it. And yeah, tells us everything that we need to know.

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