How Boostly Helped Melanie Feel More Confident In Her Marketing

Melanie Benwell from Trevorrick Farm Holiday Cottages in Cornwall


Facebook: @trevorrickfarmcottages

Twitter: @TrevorrickFarm

Instagram: @TrevorrickFarm

Booking engine used: Supercontrol

Trevorrick Farm in Cornwall have joined Boostly

“Boostly makes marketing affordable again”

Melanie and her husband Mike have been running Trevorrick Farm for 17 years and had never taken marketing advice before now. They had previously taken a few courses, but never really did anything about the advice they received there.

Melanie states that she loves the Boostly training site because the videos can be viewed whenever you want, and more importantly, can be viewed over and over again. This is important because they lead very busy lives, but can fit in the videos in the evenings or whenever they get a chance to do it on their own time.

Since starting the course, Melanie has learned how to use MailChimp, make videos, and run Facebook competitions. She has even received direct bookings from these actions.

Watch this short video where Melanie talks about how Boostly has helped her get more bookings.

Melanie says she now feels more confident and as though she can do things on her own, which she didn't before.

She says the videos are excellent and couldn't recommend them enough. On top of that, she feels as though Mark is always there to help her digitally, in case she gets stuck on anything. Mark has made marketing affordable and accessible.

Mark Simpson Boostly Opinion My take

What Mark has to say about working with Melanie

I have known Melanie now for a while. I love her ability to learn and do. She has a busy brain and is always coming up with marketing ideas, not only for her own business, but for others in the Boostly Community.

Melanie is a member of Farm Stay and is a massive brand advocate of what they are doing over there.

She has also really helped spread the word of Boostly and what I am trying to achieve with it. For that, I will be forever grateful.

I'm due to meet with Melanie a few times over the coming months and I am really looking forward to getting to know her better.

I recently created a Facebook Chatbot for her business page and I'm excited to see what impact that has on their bookings.

Check out my training portfolio here.

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