How a good referral programme will increase your bookings

As a business owner, you already know that one of the free marketing tools that you can use is the referral programme. It may sound so easy to get people to refer their friends to book with you, but of course, you have to do it right. 

Sometimes, your customers will be very open in referring their friends to you. But most times, they are not comfortable in sharing their friends’ contact details with businesses. 

In this article, you can have a basic knowledge about the referral programme and how you can create a successful one that will help you increase your bookings.

What exactly is a referral program and

how does it work?

Business people talk about this amazing program a lot. But what exactly is it?

Eamonn Curley, an Associate Content Manager at Glofox explained the basics of a referral programme in a very simple way. He says that the idea of this programme is that you give incentives to your customers to refer their friends, getting you new customers. When offering a refer-a-friend program, the offer needs to benefit both the new and existing customers.

Why is a referral programme important?

One main reason why a referral programme is important is obviously to have more customers, more bookings, more sales and more revenue. 

Matt Roberts, Co-Founder of Zokri, wrote an article about Highly Effective Referral Program Ideas to Generate Leads. He says that one of the importance of the referral program is that you get to create positive brand awareness so that you can get people to talk about your brand. The more people talk about your brand, the more awareness gets generated.

Okay, so now I know what a referral programme is. I want to know if there are businesses who became successful in using it.

There are actually a lot of businesses who have successful referral programmes. But Visakan Veerasamy, Co-founder at JIBABOM!  compiled a long list of companies with the best referral programmes at Referral Candy blog

Start your own referral program now.

Whether you are new in the hospitality business or a veteran, I can definitely say that having a referral program is highly recommended. We hope that this article was able to help and enlighten you on how you can start your own soon. 

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