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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 72. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about a simple gesture that you can do to your guest.

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Okay, so I've got a question to ask everybody. Do you currently write your guests a little handwritten note? Now think about it. We're in this industry of creating experiences. We want your guests to go home and tell their friends, their co-workers, their family, their next-door neighbour, about the amazing place that they've just stayed. And I'm a big fan of contacting a guest as soon as possible after a booking. I've done a podcast episode on this about why you should call your guest 24 hours after the booking because it will just give you so much information about who the guest is about why they're coming to stay with you. And all of that juicy stuff . It's so many chances to get extra revenue or a recommendation or a referral, right from the off. And I've been thinking what else can we do to make sure that the guest has an amazing stay and they will become super fans.

And a lot of people do meet and greet, which is good. But I find that meet and greets can sometimes can be a bit awkward. I know personally speaking when I've checked into a place, there's been a meet and greet. Nine out of 10 times I've just wanted to get out of there. Because I've just driven for a long time or we've travelled for a long time we've got the kids doing all of the things I just want to sit down, I want to get unpacked, I want to get the kids to bed and I want to have a beer. So meet and greets can work quite well. But again, for a lot of the time, it takes time out of your day to do a meet and greet. And a lot of the times as well. Your guest doesn't want that.

And I was thinking okay, well what else can we do. And I always keep coming back to doing things that aren't as common anymore. And things like picking up the phone call pick up the phone or having a conversation or even putting a little handwritten note to the guests. We'll just go that extra mile because unlike an email, unlike a text message, it's personal. And they will know that you have taken that time out to just put a little handwritten note to them.

How to write a note to your guest

And again, it's something that you can easily build into your day easily build into your week where it won't have to be a massive time suck so that you can do all the things you need to be doing in your business or family time. So what I want to know and this is something that I wanted to ask for a while is are you currently doing this? What are you doing to make your guest day extra special? Are you putting together something like a handwritten note? Are you doing a welcome basket? Tell me what you're doing.

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