Welcome to Boostly Web Design and thank you for using our services.

Before we begin, it is important that you go over these guidelines so you are clear in what we do and don’t do during this process.

“Teamwork makes the Dream Work”

Here you’ll find a quick rundown and basic outline of the items we aim to
deliver and what is required from you as a client going forward.

We are all excited to get your website live.

Let’s get started!


Communication is key in all of this, so please consider the below.

  • The Boostly Website teams work Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 (Philippine Standard Time)
  • Our time for response is usually within 24 hours (except weekends) but this can be dependent on current workload and availability.


While we aim to keep this as simple as possible for you. Please keep the following in mind as items you will need to be responsible for in this partnership, to get you this amazing new website.
  • Property Management Software (PMS) and any third party systems are the sole responsibility of you as the client. We do not set up any third party softwares and systems for you.


Please note

Your Boostly website is built to a specific framework that we have tried and tested extensively. To keep your costs down we have a strict site structure that works in every niche and in all locations.

Our websites work and we believe from the research and studies we have
done, 99% of our clients will not only get a website they can be proud of but one that will turn Lookers into Bookers.

Hence why we have put a money-back guarantee on it. We also know after working with over 2000 hosts there will be that 1% who want something a little extra.


With this in mind, we want to make it clear at this point about the following

  • Any extra requested pages or elements not within the Boostly website framework will be added at the end of the website build. Depending on the amount of work required there will be an additional charge to add to cover our costs for the developers we use.
  • You are agreeing to the purchase of a Boostly designed website which is clearly visible via our Portfolio page. 


We aim to have your website complete within 8-12 weeks after your onboarding call and content is obtained from you. Work does not start on any website build until all required content is received and signed off with your PM to be moved into the design stage.

01. Onboarding Zoom Call

Your dedicated project manager will reach out to you to setup a
Zoom call to make sure we have all the information
we need to begin the build process. It is important that the new client onboarding form is filled in before the call. 

Estimated Timeline: Within 1 week of your payment

02. Initial Mockup Zoom Call

  • Once the initial website design has been built we will hand over a mockup for your viewing. Please note this is NOT your finished website design. This is a mock-up where we simply start to add in what information we have found/been given about you and your business. 

  • You will then provide any details you wish to change from this draft. This needs to be submitted to [email protected]

  • Your PM will highlight any outstanding items in the mock-up notes we provide along with the staging URL of the draft website.

  • To help explain any specific changes it is preferred to record your screen and verbally describe areas of change using a free video service such as

  • You must provide all text copy and image content you wish to update/replace.

  • Once changes have been received your website will go back to the development team who will make the amendments.

Estimated Timeline: 4-6 weeks after your onboarding call

03. Final Draft Submission

  • Once all the changes are actioned on the initial mockup we will then send over a final draft copy of the website. This will give you a chance to review any final items you wish to change.
  • It is important that your feedback is considered and communicated clearly, to minimize any concerns.
  • This is the last chance for included changes before launching. After this point, any more changes may be billed for.
  • These final changes are to be sent to [email protected] and a final Loom video, as done in the first draft stage.
  • Once we receive the changes your review will be placed into a queue for our devs to complete.

Estimated Timeline: 6-8 weeks after your onboarding call

04. Website Goes Live + Handover Zoom Call

  • For the launch of your website you will need to have provided your chosen domain and also any email account attached to the domain.
  • We will require you to be on hand for any authentications from your domain provider you may need to provide in this process.
  • You are responsible (if applicable) for the backing up or storage of your current website before your Boostly website is launched. We can advise where needed.
  • Once the website is live, your PM will organise a handover zoom call

Estimated Timeline: 8-12 weeks after your onboarding call


You’re website is now live!

Below you’ll find any other relevant items to note after handover.

  • Your monthly fee covers your Academy access, Boostly Mastermind and hostings, data storage, access and use of our premium plugins, security, and technical support via the Boostly Website Facebook Group.
  • Once the website has been handed over, the support covers any technical problems that can occur.
  • If you wish to make text changes this needs to be discussed with our support team through email at [email protected]. We allow for unlimited requests in text changes within 30 days after the site goes live.
  • After this, any extensive changes that are confirmed may incur an extra fee for work done.
  • We will provide you with training videos and access to our Boostly Support FaceBook page where all website-related maintenance content is provided for free.
  • Focus on the next stages of the Roadmap


  • If you cancel your monthly fees the site will be put into maintenance mode.
  • If you migrate your site to your own hosting, you will need to purchase your own premium plugin licenses (elementor, jetengine, etc)
  • Boostly websites are hosted on our own servers, we don’t edit or build on client hosting.
  • We have access to SEO and Copy Experts. If you would like to hire them on a 1:1 Done For You Basis, please email [email protected] who will make the introduction

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask.
We’re here to make this as painless and hurdle-free as possible.

Thanks again from Team Boostly!

Full Boostly T&Cs can be found on our website at the following link



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