Best ways to use Google Hotel Campaigns

Google Hotel Campaigns: Ways The Google Ads Update Can Boost Your Marketing

Use Google Hotel Campaigns for great Google Ads resultsEarlier this year, Google announced their new Google Hotel Campaigns feature on Google Ads. This update brings a pile of new features to the platform, integrating hotel advertising into the main service. Google is working hard to improve Google Ads for users. It has already announced planned updates to the service in future. Here are some ways in which Google Hotel Campaigns will improve your hotel marketing.

Google Hotel Campaigns are easier to target

According to the Koddi blog, Google Hotel Campaigns now allows you to segment your bids depending on customer and audience demographics. You can now separately target customers based on which country they are searching from, what device they are using and by how many days in advance they usually book their hotel.

This will allow you to better target the right kind of customers. You can compare how often your customers usually book your hotel in advance (this is known as ABW – Advance Booking Window – in Google Ads) against the ABW of your audience for each specific ad. With this metric plus the added opportunity to target to specific locations and devices, you can now create ad campaigns that will be more targeted to the kind of people who usually book your hotel.

If you are new to Google Ads, you can also experiment further. By releasing a number of different campaigns with different metrics, you can tailor your future advertising strategies.

It is more integrated with other Google Ads products

Integrated marketing with Google Ads will put a smile on your face :)For advertising professionals, Google Hotel Campaigns will make it easier to manage multiple campaigns at the same time. According to Google, Hotel Ads will be included within Google Ads to make managing your ads easier and allow you to fully apply all Google Ads have to offer to your hotel campaigns.

For hotel owners, this will allow you to manage ads for your hotels alongside ads for any other services you manage (such as tours, restaurants, and attractions). You can now group hotels basedĀ on the brand and star rating. This is great for businesses with multiple hotels under their brand.

More control over bids

Discussing further in their blog, Koddi says you can now be more precise with your bids in the new interface. You can now create separate bids and bid multipliers for various campaigns and demographics. Previously, you could only set one per hotel. This gives you greater flexibility to experiment with your campaigns. You also have the chance to target different groups with different campaign styles.

More control over your google hotel campaigns will have you winning your hospitality marketing in no timeSearch Engine Land has also said there are future plans to bring more features into the hub. You will be able to manage your dynamic remarketing campaigns in future as Google continues to develop the platform.

The new Google Hotel Campaigns update to the Google Ads platform will, overall, give you greater control. You can now focus more on demographics and there are planned updates for remarketing features. Operating alongside other campaigns is now easier thanks to integration.

Whether you have been using Google Hotel Ads for a while or are just starting, I suggest experimenting. This will help you find out which approach is best to take when advertising on Google. These new features will allow you to improve the reach of your adverts, and potentially improve your ROI.

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