Glamping Vacations have grown 300% in one year

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 109. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about glamping.

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Okay, so today on Saturday, something slightly different this week, I've obviously been going through some free training that we've been doing and hosts and are cracking on with some homework over the weekend. But I wanted to just revert back to what a normal podcast would look like. And I want to give you and share with you some insider industry news.

Good news for glamping properties

And this is really good news for anybody that is in a rural location or does glamping. It is, of course, glamorous camping, lodges, you name it. That is what glamping covers, there's the latest results out there show that there's been a 300% increase in the past year, with people wanting to stay in a unique experience. So for anybody who has a glamping property, on a farm stay location, anything like that, you really really need to be putting your prices up, the demand is so high right now. So if you haven't acted already, and even if you may have some availability coming up, really put the prices up and you will be still be getting those bookings, do not be afraid to put your rates up. Also, as well talk about it on social media. If it's something that is so popular, then the activity on keywords around glamping or unique stays are going to be high as well. If you can get a post or a story, or something out there and using those hashtags, you will become visible.

What hosts can do

Again, what else can you be doing to be in front of the traffic, you can be number one, going looking at Facebook groups for really good for last minute. bookings if you still need inquiries and dates to fill the summer, this is where you need to use the otas. So go to your listings, update your amenities, update your title, change the picture around, make it more unique and stand out about because the demand is so high right now.

So that's my big tip for today. Very, very focused on the amazing people who do glamping properties, whatever your business model falls under their tiny houses, you name it, go and make your property stand out, put your prices up and shout out about online and save you have got last minute availability. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the rate and the booking and the amount that you can get. And you know, the beauty of it is if you do this correctly, you're really proactive, it will be a direct booking as well. If you need to use the otas they're there to help.

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