Find Out If Your Hospitality Website Is Killing Your Bookings

Want to know why your hospitality website could be harming your bookings? Read on to find out more.

Find Out If Your Site Is Killing Your Bookings

In a recent interview with Duetto, TeHead Scriven, Head of Hospitality for Google, was asked a pertinent question that all hotel owners and managers have undoubtedly asked themselves:

“What is the ONE thing that hotels should be doing better?”

In her response, Scriven elaborates on several factors that reflect the importance of digital marketing and content promotion for Hotels.

She states that these days, “It’s very much about audience targeting and making sure that the hotels are making the most of the content on their website. That includes providing content on everything that’s around their hotels. It’s about offering niche keywords on what the hotel has to offer, as well as to highlight unique things to do around the hotel.

Other Google tools that hotels should be using centre on the user experience, especially for mobile. We have a site that offers free UX and speed testing. Check it out at

For example, 3 seconds is a typical good load time. Hotels average 11 seconds, while online travel agents average 2-3 seconds. How quick is yours? Go here to find out by CLICKING HERE!

We are encouraging more hotels to go down the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) route. There are a lot of tricks that can be done on AMP that you can do to improve your mobile site and it’s easy to do.”

So with that in mind, now we ask our readers: How many of you regularly test how long it takes to load your website?

I’m guessing not that many. Now, don’t you want to know if your website speed is having a negative effect on your bookings?

Here’s how you can find out:

Go to Google Analytics and check how many people are bouncing or leaving your website from the home page.

Find Out If Your Site Is Killing Your Bookings

If that number is more than 33%, then you have a problem!

If your load speed is more than 3-4 seconds, you are losing potential direct bookings and forcing your potential guests to go elsewhere. (Check out my blog talking about ways to bring down bounce rate)

In the remainder of her interview, Terri goes on to talk about how Google is looking to help hotels with a “Book Direct” campaign. You can read the full interview here.

How quick is your website? Let us know in the comments!

Check out my hospitality marketing training videos here.

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