Eco-friendly ideas in the hospitality industry

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 80. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about eco-friendly ideas that you can use in the hospitality industry.

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How can you make yourself more known by doing alternative forms of PR or marketing in 2021? It's something that so many people are trying to figure out. This is how you know, when everybody's zig and how can you zag. And a real cool thing that I've seen this year, for every booking that comes in, he plants a tree. Now, this is a really, really effective form of marketing, whether he meant it or not. Because with the way the world and with everything that's happening, as a race, we are more aware of wastage. And you know, people wanting to do more things that will protect this planet. And now there are some fantastic companies that have been set up, that you can pretty much automate this process. So where you don't physically have to plant a tree.

Some eco-friendly ideas for you

I believe that everybody should be sort of thinking about what can they be doing as well. Now, again, you don't have to go to the lengths of every time a booking comes in, you donate a little percentage to planting trees, where you could look to do something similar. So for example, could you have electric charging ports, you know, at your property, and you promote that? Could you be doing something that is helping the local economy, could you be putting something back into the local economy, whether that would be through either giving your time or donating some money towards local causes or local charities, when you do things like that, the PR, and the good karma definitely comes back to you in leaps and bounds, you could probably right now Google a local businesses doing something similar. And you know, they will have had some form of press coverage, and they will be have some form of a PR around it. Now you don't do this to get the PR. But if you are doing this is definitely worthwhile reaching out to a local journalist, because in a time, in a world where there's so much bad news and bad things happening, journalists are crying out for good news and good news to print about, especially local businesses, local brick and mortar business businesses that are making a difference, and are actually not only surviving these current times, but thriving on the other end.

Are you doing eco-friendly things for your property?

So have a little think about what you're doing. Are you already doing something this, this out of the ordinary? Are you already doing something that somebody isn't? And if so, why don't you just reach out to the local newspaper, and maybe local radio station, local TV, you know, county, local radio team, whoever it may be, and tell them about it and tell them why you're doing it and the benefits of it, who knows what may happen. And the good thing about good PR, and a good thing about getting something that's in a in a very high ranking newspaper, or TV, etc, is that that will stay visible on Google forever.

There's a couple of members of the hospitality community that have had articles done from them and big national newspapers several years ago. And it still ranks very heavily in Google. Now, there are a lot of people, whether you believe it, believe in it or not. But for in a bed, that channel for TV show, and we've got stations in America, TV shows in America and Australia, etc, are similar. The ones that show off your business. And again, they are very Marmite, they are very controversial. But again, if you come off of it, well, then it's a very, very good form of publicity, because you will always be going through their TV channel, and you'll always be showing up on the YouTube channel, etc. Because it's a big national TV shows they get a lot of viewership. And so you will always be in that ecosystem.

So again, it's doing something a little bit different from the rest, that will just mean that your business is visible. And neither some little tactics and tips that you can do that don't cost any money. And if it does, it's a child charitable donation, something that makes you feel good, something that does well the for the planet of your local area. And they always come back to you in leaps and bounds. So have a think about what you can do. And I would love to hear from you right now.

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