Doing this ONE thing will increase your conversions on your website

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 84. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to increase your conversions on your website.

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So many people are making this one mistake with their website, I see it time and time again. For those of you that don't know, I regularly do marketing reviews. What a marketing review is I pick a member from the hospitality community Facebook group, and I gather loads of information, their website, their social media, how they look on Google, look at their listings, look at their socials, and I compile everything and I sort of do a live video and I just walk through what they could be doing better or what they're doing well to share it with other hosts to get inspiration.

What is a conversion?

There's one thing that I see time and time again and if you did this and if they did this, they would actually increase the conversion. What is a conversion? It's turning a looker into a Booker so you can get more direct bookings. Now, would you like to know what that one thing is? The one thing that will help drive conversions lookers into bookers is your face. It's you right there. The stats have been in and the stats have shown that when there is a face when there is an image of people on the homepage, it drives more conversions.

Show your face

Now, a way that I like to do this, the way that Boostly websites like to convey this is with pictures of you the host, and you don't say something as formal as about us or our story, you make it a bit more friendly. One of the recent changes in text that we have done in our Boostly websites is we've changed it to a message from the host a message from your host. And what we do is we'll put a picture of you are you in the family are you in the team with a little bit of text next to it doesn't have to be anything really long, doesn't have to be something an essay. It's basically who you are, why you got into hospitality, who you like to host and why you feel that they will have a great time. That's it short, sharp and sweet.

Now this has to be on the homepage, you can't hide it on an on an on a on another page, you know, you have to be on the homepage, the homepage is where 80% of your information should be. So again, if you go have a look at, have a look at all of the styles of websites that we've put together, you'll see that there's a very recurring theme on each one is that we like to get a picture of the host on the homepage, because it just has that hospitality feel which at the end of the day, is what we're all about.

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