Does “No Money Down” Really Exists? With Gordie Dutfield

The Boost Hospitality Podcast is back for another season! And we are now in Season 6. And this time, we are currently on the ninth episode of season six! For this episode of Boost Hospitality Podcast, I have invited a special guest to talk about No Money Down in the world of Hospitality Business. We have Gordie Dutfield to talk about it on this podcast episode.

Gordie Dutfield, the guy from Sales to the Property industry

Gordie Dutfield

As most people can tell by my accent, I am Gordie Dutfield from Glasgow. I first set up my first rent to rent prior to that I was involved in sales, never thought of doing property.

I think a very important reason I never thought I'd get involved in property was that I thought I needed a lot of money.

And this is what we're going to be obviously speaking about that day.

So within my three years of property, have built up a fairly large rent portfolio for over 40 units now.

And they dream and I teach it. I'm fairly honest and upfront with everybody.

Property is not my passion. Property is simply a vehicle that allows me to do what I want to do.

But I do love teaching, I love inspiring, and give everybody as much knowledge and share my experience as much as possibly can.

My background before it was on sale. So never was, anything to do with profit was an estate agent.

And but I think to go to speaking about it, the same side offers as became a really, really handy and the property is paid off as well.

So I'm an upfront I'm an honest guy, and I hope that comes across in the podcast is going to get a rock.

What was your motive then from moving from the sales world into property?

When just to take you back a bit further when I was 19.

I had a fairly large sales company, I had over 60 staff at age 19 and had an office in London, an office in Glasgow.

And I made lots of money at 19 years old and I actually don't understand money at 18 years old.

I thought my best bank card was my fun bank card.

And that's why I spent my money on was fun cars club and all the rest of all the bad stuff that shouldn't have been done.

I've had shut the company down, unfortunately, go back to seal teamwork. So I got into the corporate world.

No, I worked in the corporate world for three years and any entrepreneur that will know that they've got a spark in a barn and save them.

No, I lost my spark and abundance saved me.

Because I took a huge financial help from the mail and hundreds of thousands to go into a 60,000 pounds a year salary.

I lost all my confidence. But the bond was still there, the desire was still there.

And that's when I went back pulse method, right that machine and math.

And like Paul, what does Gordie Dutfield need to do to get involved in the property side of things?

How do I set myself free from the demons of this corporate world?

Because it is killing me. So that's how I got involved in property.

Who Paul Smith is and what he teaches and trains and how he helped you?

Paul Smith

Paul Smith as the co-founder of Touchstone Education so I think one of the largest wealth education companies in the UK.

Now conservative only been running for the last two years background about yourself and Paul.

I've actually known Paul since I was a little kid, but a lot of people don't actually know.

And best friends with them pulls out his son, Jack. So Paul has been a fairly experienced property investor.

Everything from by to less commercial patient base to Sams commendation, which I think most people have known from and a phenomenal guy.

Huge respect for so I know so what comments on GV part of the businesses with also still got a fairly good relationship.

Everything in life is a sale, no matter what you do everything in life as a sale. So let's get clear.

When you're speaking to landlords and trying to cut rent to rent deal with them, you're selling the rent to rent you when you're doing the Gucci Asians.

And by today you're negotiating prices, the series comes in and every aspect of it from the minute someone picks up the phone to you.

You're selling yourself, you're selling the deal, where you know, seeing them, you're selling yourself, you're selling the deal, everything that you're doing, as you're selling.

And I think since people had a swagger, I said out against maybe you can say with the law firm by sound confidence.

And when you're speaking and trying to negotiate with someone, you need to have a certain set of confidence around yet to be taken seriously.

Now, it seems a massively benefit mix.

I've been able to go out, negotiate phenomenal deals with one loss for the rent rec centre.

I never pay a deposit and I never pay rent upfront.

Without having no sales skills have been able to negotiate out the relationship with the landlord and be able to possession and seal the deal.

As I do, I wouldn't be able to get the deals that I currently get.

What advice would you give to somebody who's looking to approach landlords and letting agents to get involved with?

I see people over complicating the law, the simple deals by talking about tax by talking about capital 11 says.

Like talking about all this crazy shit that really doesn't actually understand themselves.

I didn't even understand that I was looking at the pain points that landlords go through on a monthly basis.

Because when they've got antisocial behaviour, and they may have voids and the properties.

They may have damaged the properties.

If you've been a landlord, most people estimate the landlords did have went through some sort of pain.

When I'm speaking to landlord, I'm trying to reassure them that I'm taking every single back pain that they've had.

And what they've got just know, away from them. And I'm taking responsibility in that.

So let's look at the benefits of landlord number ones are going to get five years guaranteed rental income.

But as clauses and all my contracts, Gordie Dutfield can break all got a five year guaranteed rental income.

So we got five-year guarantee pencil income.

So how much of your sort of success that you've had?

I think when you're building a personal brand, what a lot of people do is what the audience wants to see and what the audience wants to hear.

I am not a professional guy, I'm not going to watch people move into something different when they get in front of a camera.

And think about it because I need to come to a process with some selling lesson I'm doing now.

What he wants to share is nonsense. I never no one's gonna seek and try to mould me into something different.

I am comfortable with my own skin. And I am an excitable, hyperactive people call me about crazy about that.

I am fun. And I'm doing this for the folks that listen, I'm here for a good thing.

I still like when I get drunk. I still bought a visa twice a year.

Can you attain to build a personal brand alongside your portfolio?

I worked bloody hard. When I'm back here in the UK and hope that comes across better.

I think when you're building a brand you got to think what you did it for has the building personal brands help me along the way that 1,000% I'm involved in by today's most commercial.

And all my investment is coming from building up of some brands.

So I've been using somebody else's money to fund those projects because of seeing me on Facebook and getting properties passed to me from landlords and see what I do 100% that it does happen.

So think building a personal brand along with your business as important. As long as you've got something to offer.

Obviously, everyone knows upfront. I do training courses I trained rates, Randy Savage commendation, that is what I do.

I'm not hiding that from any anybody whatsoever.

But hopefully, people get a lot of content from what I do in the videos.

But as important to build a personal brand has helped me with a question, yet I hope it comes across in the right way.

As I said, I've never wanted to mould myself into somebody that is important.

When you're building a brand. You build you and you look at the lace of your daddy's ears and your confidence.

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