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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 428. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about what to do if you need bookings.

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Okay, this tip is really easy to implement. And it's something you can do right now. And it will go nicely along the lines of getting bookings in these next thirty days. All you need to do is pick up your phone, pick up your calendar, pick up any bookings from the last, say, three months. And what you're going to do is you're going to pick up the phone, and you're either going to WhatsApp message, or pick up the phone and call your previous guests super simple.

Contact your previous guests

And it's, it's going to be along the lines of over a survey. So again, this is super simple to do. It's really effective. And you know, you're going to ask a couple of open-ended questions, so you can start a conversation as Hey, Mark, just checking in. Thank you, again, so much for staying with us this summer, it meant a lot.

We've just got some really quick questions, I hope you don't mind. Number one, what made you stay with us? What did you enjoy about your stay? And what did you not enjoy about your stay, something along those lines, there are three or four questions again, you can do this as a WhatsApp message. Or you can pick up the phone and have a phone call, I love picking up the phone and having a phone call. Because nobody does that anymore. Nobody speaks on the phone anymore. And when you have a one on one conversation, you can find out so much.

What to do if you have lots of guests

Now, if you've had lots and lots of lots of guests, congratulations, what you can do is you can do the 80-20 rule. So work out the 20% of guests that brought in 80% of your revenue, so your big bookings. Or you could just bring in, you could call the 20% of guests who had the 8% of the most amazing time led the best review totally up to you. But you will all have their phone number. A lot of you won't have their email address. So don't think you can email them. Because again, if anybody's booked via an OTA, they don't give it a real email address. So do a phone call or WhatsApp.

This is really cool and really effective. Now while they're on the phone, or while the WhatsApp if they respond, then again, I've got you the template that Do you know anyone? So you could do the do you know anyone? So do you know anyone who's looking to come to the area? Do you know anyone who's looking to come here for business? Do you know anyone who needs to stay? Or what you could do is you could say would you like to book in your 2022 stay? Just say we have availability? Would you like to book in your stay?

And if you're playing the 8020 rule, this is so easy, because you know they had an amazing time. They spent a lot of money with you? Would you like to book in your 2022 stay especially if they came to you for an event, whether it's an anniversary, whether it's a birthday to say would you like to book in the same dates for next year? We can lock in the rates when our rates are due to go up? Would you like to lock in.

So again, this is really simple. The only obstacle to this is you. This is your mindset. Some of you will go ooh, not comfortable doing that. But the whole point of this is that this is what having a business is all about.

Again, I say this all the time hospitality we are so lucky. We can throw up a couple of photos on an OTA you're guaranteed bookings. But this is the whole reason why you've committed to doing this is that you need to trust the process. And it's about me making you feel comfortable about being uncomfortable. And this is some of the things that you're going to do. Now again, I'll leave it to you. I'm going to give you loads of other tips that you can do but this is one of the key ones if you want to get bookings if you want to get revenue. And again this is a great way.


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