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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 87. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about an AirBnB tip.

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This podcast is all about helping you the host get more direct bookings. But a big misconception of that is that I encourage all of you to go cold turkey, you don't need the otas. Well, it's further from the truth, it couldn't be further from the truth, because you have got to make the otas work for you. and not the other way around. So I do encourage everybody to get listed everywhere, you have got to jump on the back of these big, big horses when they are spending lots and lots and lots of money on advertising to draw the audience to them from Google search or market and brand in TV. They spend millions, if not billions on this. So the trickiest is to get listed on there. But what you need to be doing at every step of the way is to show to the future potential guests, when they find you on the listing sites, that you are a real business, you're not just doing this as a side hobby, you're not just renting out a spare room, which is a big misconception with a lot of properties, especially on Airbnb.

Now, if you own VRBO, Again, people think there could be a spare room spare house. Some people do assume this a proper business, but it's how you present him. Now this is a really big thing that I see on Airbnb all the time and you've got some fantastic real estate here for you can actually use to your advantage.

Do this on AirBnB

The first thing to do on the bio, your personal bio on Airbnb, go on there and amend it in the description part. The first five to six words are on your bio should be your business name. So treat it like LinkedIn, for example, it would be founder of let's just say Simpson homes, Ltd, whatever your business is, whatever it is Googleable, searchable, put that. And then you put like a little tagline. So we help hosts get the perfect stay in, insert of towns and areas that you are. And then if you want to add a little bit about you so you know, five or three children, you know, travel the world, Liverpool Football supporter club, you know, just x, x, y and Zed personalize a little.

What cool hosts do in AirBnB

Now one thing that I've seen some cool hosts too. And there's a lady in a clubhouse room with. And she said that she actually changed her profile picture to her business logo, which again is really good because it instantly strikes that you are a business and a brand. Again, test it to see how it works. So what happens is that when somebody finds your listing, that you'll be amazed how many people scroll down to see the bio to see the profile to see who we're going to be staying with all for under.

Now by putting in about the business. What that will then encourage people to do is to do a Google search. Now again, if you put in the bio, you know, award winning recognized, you know expert, tourism expert, travel expert, whatever you want to call it, check out our reviews, you know, check out you know, Google our business or you can set it with Google check out our amazing reviews online. What that is implanted is that it will get them to do a Google search of your business name, your brand name. And as long as you've done the Google part, right, and I'll talk about Google on another episode, and I've definitely talked about in previous episodes. So when somebody Google's your brand name, your business name, then what will happen is is that your website will come up, your phone number will come up and then they will contact you directly. Now you cannot put in a copy things like contact us directly call us directly, you know Google our business name, go to our website because Airbnb got the keywords in the AI to block that off, super simple. But there are so many variations that they haven't put in. So you have to be visible for them. And for that.

Update your AirBnB listing description

Another part you can do is in your listing description. So you could put the title which is what whatever the house is, so you could give it a name let's just call it unicorn house is part of the simpson homes limited brand, you know and then you can put in something that Danny from Airbnb optimize as a big fan of his, he says he gets you to copy and paste your best review and put it in the top of the Airbnb, so it gets people to read more. But what you're encouraging everybody to do is to know that you're a proper business so they can run this search on Google to find out more about you.

And again, underneath talking about the list in bullet point, everything not big, you know, no big words, no big blocks of text bullet point, why your great Wi-Fi speeds, your review score, any awards that you've won, what's relevant and you know, specific to your customer avatar, so kid-friendly, you know, ground floor flat, whatever it is that is important to your avatar, pop it in there. And again what this will then do is it will get that host to go from your Airbnb listing. The future guests from your Airbnb listing to a Google search and hopefully find you directly. So let's go put this to practice.

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