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Cool automation tricks you can use for your hotel

email automation for hotelIt has been a severe battle for businesses to gain the attention of their customers. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to help you retain your customers and hotel email automation is one of the tricks.

We will discuss in this article what email automation is and some tricks that you can use for your hotel.

What is hotel email automation?

Some people might think that hotel email automation is too technical or too tedious to do. But Social Tables gives us a good definition. The article says, “In reality, it is a simple and powerful way to increase group bookings, customer satisfaction, and additional revenue. Marketing automation is using technology to engage with your customers across multiple digital channels, automate manual processes, and track results.

How to send automated emails?

There are a lot of tools out there that marketers can use for their businesses. Michal Leszczynski of GetResponse gives us some examples of these tools and some tips on how to start sending automated emails. He also discusses the pros and cons of building email automation flows.

Some examples of email automation workflows

Vinay Koshy wrote for Engage Bay about this topic. He gives us some example of email automation workflows. He says that businesses should set-up and optimises these workflows to keep their customers engaged. Some of his examples are welcome e-mail, re-engagement emails and educational content. He also mentions that these workflows should not work in isolation but should work together with a broader marketing strategy. Vinay asked me to mention to you all that he has started up so go and check it out <<

Sample checklist

To even help you further, here's a list that you can use for your hotel email automation.

  • Send a text to a guest on the day of arrival to check on arrival time
  • Check every credit card at the point of booking to make sure it has money on the account
  • The guest automatically gets an email if it fails to let them know and they have 24 hours to contact you with new info, or it gets cancelled
  • An email to go out to all booking. Com bookings to get their real email address and to add them automatically to your email list
  • On the day of arrival, you can send out a self-check-in form
  • When a booking comes in, all their information is sent to a Google Document so you can keep an eye on where the majority of your guests are coming from (i.e. location)
  • When a booking comes in, the guest receives an email automatically to give them essential information
  • An email can be automatically sent 3-4 days before arrival with check-in info and a chance to upset
  • After the guest leaves, he/she automatically receives an email to ask for a review
  • Send a text to a guest after they have left to leave a review
  • Send a text to a guest once they have checked in to ask if everything is okay with the room
  • When you post on Facebook, it goes automatically to all the other social media networks


With clear objectives, excellent planning and fantastic content, your hotel can gain a lot from email automation. You never know the processes and new strategies that you can get after successfully implementing this wonderful marketing strategy.

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