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There are 3.96 Billion Active Social Media Users, Across the World*

A Massive Portion of these People are Your Guests

That’s a big number. Far too big to ignore.

*DataPortal July 2020.

The point is, if you aren’t making an effort to say hello on social media, you’re basically missing billions of opportunities to connect with your guests.

Sounds a bit daft when you think about all the time you put into perfecting your short-stay property, right? It doesn’t make sense to fluff those pillows, repaint the ensuite, and do all that hard work, without even reminding people that you exist.

You need to tell people that your business exists.

The hospitality industry is massively saturated; and as a result, the online world is getting noisier by the nanosecond!

Everywhere you look, a lack-lustre property description is getting drowned by thousands of other STR businesses who know what they’re doing on social media.

And if you want your short-stay accommodation business to stand out (and get first dibs on those bookings), then you need to hang out where your guests are hanging out… even if it’s something that you don’t usually do.

Because, Digital Consumers Spent an Average of 2 Hours and 22 Minutes on Social Media Every Day, in January 2020*

So, with these social networking platforms now being ingrained into your guests’ lives, your business has got to get seen on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Otherwise, it’s money (that you deserve) down the pot.

Do you see what we’re getting at here? It’s finally time to take control of your social media accounts.

* Global Web Index 2020

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If You Fail to Action Your Social Media and Email Marketing Activity, then You’ll Fail to Fill those Calendars…

Can you really afford the risk?

You Can Now Grab Everything You Need for Marketing & Epic Content Creation (that Converts!), at an Unbelievable Cost

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Unlock access to loads of content that’s fresh, relevant, and personalised for your business every day. Now, until forever!

Capitalise your email list (or turbo-boost a new one) and build meaningful relationships with your guests. You’ll increase trust and a whole new source of income.
Show-off your hospitality business with a stream of done-for-you videos for social media. They’ll boost engagement, bookings, and leave your competitors last in the race.
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The Boostly Content Creator

Your Complete Content Toolbox 🛠️

In layman’s terms, the Boostly Content Creator is the one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs, as a short-stay accommodation owner. 

It really is that easy. Once you sign up, it’ll be like having your own hospitality marketing agency, at your fingertips! We’ll implement creative and cutting-edge strategies for your properties, and deliver an actual profit

This is a life-saver, if:

*You have little time to spend on social media and email marketing, but understand how important it is

*You have basic to zero knowledge about the best hospitality marketing practises, and don’t know where to start! 

*You have a next-to-no marketing budget

I Want My Social Media,
Email & Video Content Sorted Now

Still Don’t Take Our Word for it?

Read what our happy TeamBoostly members have to say…

The Engine that Fuels Boostly Content Creator

Here’s the inside scoop from the founder himself…

Hey! If you haven’t come across me before, I’m Mark Simpson. Hospitality enthusiast and proud founder of Boostly.

Now, let me assure you, I’ve walked in your shoes…

My parents first opened the doors to our family farm guest house “The Grainary” when I was just 4 years-old. 

And for the next 2 and half decades, I worked EVERY conceivable part of the business.  

I’ve been the cleaner, the chef, the gardener; I’ve worked front-of-house, back-of- house – you name it! I’ve certainly done my time in the trenches (and I’ve loved every minute). 

In 2009, I landed myself a job in London where I worked for some of the most well-known review companies in the world. Including Moveme,, and Yelp.

Whilst up in the Big Smoke and in this awesome position, I learned the inside secrets of how these review sites work. More importantly, I realised (first-hand) the massive importance of online marketing for the success of any business; but especially for the hospitality sector, which is extremely saturated anyway.

Thanks to my experience, and the skills I’ve picked up along my hospitality journey, I’ve been able to work with 1000s of short-stay accommodation owners from across the world, and help them skyrocket their direct bookings. It’s been one heck of a ride: We’ve achieved greater peace of mind, slashed commission costs, and quite simply…

Got More Heads on Beds (and boosted profits, in the process!). 

But the best part is, now you can do exactly the same for less than the cost of a fancy cup of coffee a week. 

If you’re serious about generating loads more direct bookings, then the Boostly Content Creator is a no-brainer really! 

Want in? Just click the button below and we’ll get started. 🙂


You Now Have 2 Choices

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And just to take it up a notch…

… You’ll never have to rely on those pesky 3rd party booking sites and OTAs again! This will drastically cut-down your commission costs and boost your bottom line, 

Remember, social media marketing is no longer a “luxury” for short-stay hospitality businesses in this day and age.

It’s a damn right necessity

So, make the right choice. Make it happen.

The Unbeatable Boostly Guarantee

We are the only company that offers a guaranteed return on your investment on any Boostly product in new direct bookings or 100% of your money back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re one of those people, who just skipped to the bottom then let us recap really quickly:

Having ‘The Boostly Content Creator’ on your team will save you time, build noise around your brand and get MORE HEADS ON BEDS! 

With This Complete Content Toolbox, you’ll get..…


Social Media Content EVERY Month – SORTED ✅

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In a crowded hospitality industry where your social media game can make or break your business…

It’s a no brainer.

You Can Get all Your Social Media Marketing Sorted for a Shocking £5 a Month!

Yes, you read that right! For just a fiver a month, you can get all your social media and email marketing sorted, which will guarantee to fill up your calendar with more direct bookings. 

This is insane value (compared to what hospitality marketing agencies charge); and don’t forget, we specialise in your sector of short-stay accommodation too! Your business is in extremely good hands. 

And that’s it! No contracts, no catches, and no “hidden fees”. Signing up with Boostly Content Creator is cheap and easy, and full of rewards! 

You won’t regret it.


Content Creator
£ 5 a month
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  • Video Templates designed to stop the scroll on social media
  • Email Templates Designed by Expert Copywriters
  • Website Headline Generator Tool
  • Unrivalled Money Back Guarantee
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