Checking in on the Live Case Study Results For Boostly Tune-Up

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 151. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the live case study results For Boostly Tune-Up.

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Welcome back for a very special check-in as you know if you've been watching this series or listening to this series I've been doing experimenting on something called Boostly Tune-Up with the fantastic Casa4U here in Javier, and they've had this problem with this one apartment that they've been struggling to shift and to get booked. And I fall, I would use this great little opportunity on our apartment that is struggling to run some boosters for it to see if we can get any bookings. Now we have some wins. But the most important thing to let you know from the off total transparency, we didn't actually get a booking. There's a couple of reasons why in a context why which I will share with you. But there have been some wins as in we, we now know who the apartment is ideal for. So the guest avatar has been nailed, which is fantastic. We have been able to grow the email list, slowly but surely, but he's growing, which is fantastic, which is good, which is going to help with the future proof in the marketing. And also as well, we have been able to amend the marketing on the back of who we now know is ideal to stay in the apartment. And as well there's going to be a conversation to be had with the owner who is insistent at the moment of a minimum of a seven-night booking. We now know that the people who want to stay in their dorm and we stay in for that amount of time. So it was a conversation to be had there that will help in the long run.

I'm pleased to let you know that this one apartment isn't the only one in their portfolio, we've got quite a few we've got quite a lot of attempt. But they book out no problem. Their villas, big houses, more typically taken by the Dutch clients for this apartment as has totally changed. So we've been working on the list and in doing bits here in their house.

Our wins

This is their lodgify and this is that the apartment here, no bookings come in. The next one is checking in on the 23rd but that's always been there. So this is the MailChimp, as you can see, that number has slowly increased over time, which is fantastic. And they are working on the other contacts in there to try and get them to subscribe so they can get future emails in, in the future. But what I've been really impressed with them is that they've taken it and they've run with it. And you know, I've mentioned a few things or put it into practice and over as I work this time, it will definitely help when they replicate, to do sites to deal with properties that they have.

So we now know that the majority of people that will stay in that apartment will be Spanish, what we're looking for the age range is anywhere between sort of 20 to 27. Mostly looking for females, we want to have same-sex parties. So we can sleep up to six. Now, that doesn't mean that we're going to rule out say, two couples travelling or even three couples travelling. But mostly you're going to get a group of four or five girls, Spanish girls coming from, you know, three to four hours away who want to come in Javier for the beach. Now it is not nearly Rnl, which is more known as the pie area. The pot where it is is a more sophisticated, nicer, nice area. And again, the rocky beach areas are famous, it's a lovely part of town.

And so we're a bit more nailed on with that, which is good. We got a run, run, run these tests. So the pricing has been changed and amended. And like I said, the only sticking option is the amount of stays minimum night. So we have to have a conversation, I would recommend going down to three or four. But again, it's just a case of chatting with the owner. And you know, this is what this is one of the things when you do a management business is that, you know, you can't just make all the rules, you got to pass it by somebody.

So it's one of them really got to do the experiment is really helped. And the beauty of it is there has been about 30 of you who have contacted me, literally I've just talked about this on the podcast interview, which is fantastic. He said, I would like to know more about Boostly tune-up. So I'm going to reach out to offer a review. We'll come up with an agreement. And we'll come up with a price. And what I would love to do as well is we'll have to document this further down the line. And just to see what other work we can do virtually all over the world.

So I'm very fortunate we will have people from all over the world contact me. So I'm going to start to slowly reach out to everybody and we'll see what we can do. And you'll be the early adopters of the Boostly tuneups service, a little service just like your car service, but a Boostly tune-up service. And we'll go from there. It's going to include a zoom call with me so we can get login details and we can figure out exactly where you are what you want to do. I will go away do the work. And then I'll be just a little catch-up bloom session afterwards where we can just review it and address it. So I'll hopefully get to document this over the coming weeks, months.

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