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Facebook Messenger Chatbots Can Help Your Business Thrive in 2019

Chatbots are a new way for businesses to communicate with their customers in real time. According to Forbes Magazine, millennials, in particular, are more likely to use a service if the business has a chatbot – with 55% of them saying they react more positively to a business that uses them. They work by providing an automated answering system over chat applications – usually Facebook messenger. Think of them like automated call machines but for the internet age. The technology is still new, but the applications are growing and more useful than ever. So how can your business be helped by the use of chatbots?

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger is the key to increasing your bookingsSave time and effort

First and foremost, the use of chatbots – either on Facebook or on your own website – will help cut down how much time you need to spend answering regularly asked questions. According to Medium, this can also save you the money you would otherwise need to spend on customer service agents. Chatbots can be programmed to answer the most common questions, and guide your customers through the booking process. This can generate bookings – or at least leads – in an instant. These help your business grow with minimal effort on your part.


chatbots on facebook messenger and your website will have you floating on cloud 9 with increased direct bookingsChatbots provide instant support to future guests

You can also set up Chatbots that provide support to guests – both existing and future guests. With customers potentially based across the world, it can be difficult to provide 24-hour support to everyone. These Chatbots will give potential new customers instant answers, rather than them having to wait on you responding when you are online.

Venturebeat also talks about the potential assistance they can provide customers. They are already used by Airbnb hosts to provide guests with information about the accommodation and local area. Rather than calling you at 5 am to ask where to find the coffee machine, guests can ask the Chatbot and get an instant answer. This streamlines your customer service process, makes your guest happier at the instant response, and lets you sleep in for a little bit longer.

They will make great advertising options

As mentioned in the WayBlazer blog, customers look at a number of different resources when planning an upcoming trip. The use of AdBlockers has made it harder to reach customers online, and ChatBots could be the way forward. These will allow customers to search for important information in real time. It is worth preparing yourself now for the potential of advertising on ChatBots in the future as the next big advertising platform. These can help intuitively connect the right guests with the right properties, and increase your direct bookings.



This brand new technology is still undergoing a number of innovations. Nevertheless, the applications for the holiday rentals space are seemingly endless. From customer service, to lead generation, the instant gratification of ChatBots is a great way to upgrade your business. It is absolutely important to make sure you are ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing your business. Adapting Chatbots early on will help your rental stand out against all of your competitors – especially if you live in an area that has not yet embraced them.



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